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  APRIL 18, 2003


I.  Call to Order

President Vinodgopal called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

II.                Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the March 28, 2003, meeting were approved, moved by O’Dell, seconded by Lindmark.  The secretary for the second semester 2003 was thanked.

III.             Chancellor’s Business

A.     The Gary mayor held a press conference to announce the Franklin School project; $ 16 million has been provided for the building, which will have a boys and girls club integrated with an elementary school.  Wigle, Lowry, and Sandoval worked hard on a new curriculum concept, to provide research and service opportunities, which is a cornerstone of the Glen Park improvement.

B.     Ground will be broken this summer for the campus sculpture garden, and Alex Gariup Construction will provide $ 80,000 in construction assistance.

C.     The budget is sensitive, so it is hard to anticipate what will happen.


IV.               Vice Chancellor’s Report


A.     Congratulations to those recognized with the teaching award, Professors Huysken and Montalbano,  and Professor Cohen, the research award.

B.     Cultural Discovery and Learning will hold public planning meetings before the end of semester.

C.     For Program Prioritization, Deans will meet April 22, and there will be feedback May 6.

D.     Budget—the budget is still up in the air, the tuition increase is not set yet; there will be a new student fee increase for incoming freshmen.

1.      The salary increase, which might be 0-2 % is not set yet.  Salary committee will meet Thursday 11 a.m.

2.      There is a deficit of $ 800 million-to a billion in the state.

3.      Last year there was a $ 500,000 cut, so we did not receive our whole 12 month appropriation.

E.      Lindmark:  Will there be an enrollment cap next year?  Vasquez:  Enrollment projections have not been received from the deans.

F.      Vinodgopal:  Will there be a limit to the tuition increase?  Vasquez:  This is very political and we will take a hit in the press.

G.     Lindmark:  Is the administration interfacing with the budget committees, the Faculty Organization Budgetary Affairs  Committee and the Campus Budget Committee?  Vasquez:  I was not aware of both, but will try to get as many people involved as possible.

H.     Vinodgopal:  Is there any chance that current positions will be jeopardized?  Vasquez:  We are trying to protect all faculty positions;  institutional research and the business manager are on hold possibly.

I.        Bergland:  This increase is just a follow-up of what Purdue University has already done.


V.                 Vice Chancellor Steward’s Report


A.     We have $ 2 million in new projects, to be paid off in 7.9 years.

B.     Johnson Controls—water and energy

C.     Siemens—air conditioning for Marram, Savannah, and the chiller

D.     Energy Systems Group—replace all the lights

E.      Replace the classroom ventilators


VI.              President’s Announcements


A.     In the elections held, Gallmeier is the Vice-President of Faculty Organization, Schultz is the Secretary;  Russell and Shanks-Meile are elected to the All-Campus P & T Committee, Lindmark is the At Large member of the Executive Committee, and Coffin is the UFC representative.

B.     Grants Committee—Applicants need internal and external letters for Summer Faculty Fellowships, Grants-in-Aid, and Released Time requests.


VII.           AQIP report—Sandoval and Fischer 


A.     The Systems Portfolio, due June 2005, will shepherd the process through.  On April 23 the committees for the 9 criteria will be appointed.

B.     May 15 will be the orientation for the 1st task force: Student Learning

C.      The nine criteria

1.      Helping Students Learn

2.      Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives

3.      Understanding Students’ and Other Shareholders’ Needs

4.      Valuing People

5.      Leading and Communicating

6.      Supporting Institutional Operations

7.      Measurng Effectiveness

8.      Planning Continuous Improvement

9.      Building Collaborative Relationships

D.     Three action projects are already underway; these we need to show improvement in.

1.      Intervention for first year students

2.      Beyond the Freshman Year: Improving Academic and Career Advising

3.      Increasing the technological capabilities of faculty, staff, and administrators

E.      Retention rates are compared with other regional campuses

F.      Lindmark: Math placment test has hurt us and needs work.  Kilibarda:  New tests are being developed.


VIII.  The Goldenrod—Criteria for Promotion and Tenure—Proposed Changes from the Faculty Affairs Committee


A.     Vinodgopal:  E-mails have suggested it would be unfair to apply the changes to the applying candidates.

B.     Schultz:  Many of the changes reflect what we’re doing currently.  The only change that will affect present candidates is the notification of a positive decision as well as negative (positive but close votes will allow the candidate to respond to negative coments).

C.     Portfolios have lacked expected material (e.g., letters from students, teaching observation).

D.     Schultz:  We should not delay application.

E.      Delunas: If someone is going up in the fall with excellence in research, that candidate also needs letters in teaching, to prove adequacy in teaching.

F.      On page 4, “service awards” should be removed.  Lindmark moves, O’Dell seconds.  The motion passes.

G.       All candidates need external reviewers for research.

H.       The number of reviewers was discussed.  Candidates claiming excellence in research need a minimum of 5 external reviewers.  Lindmark moves, Tolhuizen seconds.  The motion passes.

I.         Adequacy in research requires at least 3 external reviewers.  Tolhuizen moves, Lindmark seconds.  The motion passes

J.       The identities of the reviewers and the relationships to the candidate should be explained.

K.     Vasquez:  The wording shuld be “independent reviewers.”  Bodmer moves, Lindmark seconds.  The motion passes.

L.      Candidates claiming excellence in teaching need at least 2 external independent reviewers.  Lindmark moves, O’Dell passes.  The motion passes.

M.    Candidates claiming excellence in service need at least 2 external independent reviewers. Lindmark moves, Kilibarda seconds.  The motion passes.

N.     All “adequates” should be changed to “satisfactory,” according to the Handbook.

O.     On page 4, a “balanced case” sentence should be added.

P.      Wollons:  Is the dossier the property of the Vice Chancellor?  Vasquez:  The candidate receives a stripped document, the dean gets the stripped information, the Vice Chancellor keeps the original.

Q.     Discussion of the Goldenrod was stopped at page 5, with the rest to be considered in September 2003.


VIII.        Adjournment

The President adjourned the meeting at 3 p.m.



George Bodmer,

Faculty Organization Secretary

Indiana University Northwest

3400 Broadway - Gary, Indiana  46408

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