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 FEBRUARY 15,  2002

I.  Call to Order

 President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m..

II.  Minutes of the January 18, 2002 meeting

 A motion to approve the minutes of the January 18, 2002 Faculty Organization meeting was made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

III.  Chancellor's Business

 Chancellor Bergland made the following announcements:

 . The chancellor has been meeting with the academic units to hear suggestions and criticisms.  He has found these sessions very useful and thanked all participants.

 . A new group has been formed for the budget process, designed for broader representation during these discussions.  The new committee includes faculty, staff, Executive Committee members, and only several administrators.

 The chancellor asked for questions and/or comments.  Professor Barr requested some information on the Shared Vision process, including costs, accomplishments, and future plans and costs.  Chancellor Bergland promised to bring this data to the March Faculty Organization meeting.

 Professor Poulard commented that he attended the Vagina Monologues event this week and commended the artistic talent in that presentation.  He felt, however, that it was too immodest.

 President Tolhuizen reminded the assembly that one needs to be recognized by the chair before speaking.

IV.  Executive Vice Chancellor's Business

 Executive Vice Chancellor Virginia Helm reported on the following:

 . Dr. Helm introduced Director of Admissions Linda Templeton.  A reception will be held for Linda today at 3:00.  EVC Helm thanked Keith Kirkpatrick for his service as Interim Director of Admissions.

 . Much activity has surrounded the efforts to assist workers laid-off in our region.  EVC Helm called on Chris Corral to detail the various initiatives:

  . Career Fridays-Chris thanked faculty and staff for their help with these sessions.
  . A student/alumni panel on career transition has been formed.
  . The campus has conducted information sessions at Hammond Civic Center.
  . A support group offers workers a chance to talk about the changes in their lives.
  . Professors Gallmeier and Shanks-Meile developed perspectives on global unemployment.
  . We will hold an information fair to highlight various education programs available.  IUN will partner with PUC, IVTC, and VU in this fair.
  . Hammond Mayor Duane Dedelow and the Hammond Committee on Workforce Development want to discuss the City of Hammond's relationship with IUN.
 . EVC Helm thanked Chris for her diligence on these efforts and noted that Workforce Development will fund up to thirty hours of coursework for workers to attend IUN.

 . AQIP-Dr. Helm has prepared a summary of the AQIP report, which will be available in the next several days.  She noted that AQIP Coordinator, Desila Rosetti, works only four hours per week.
  AQIP data can be used for discussions, an essential part of the process, and suggestions for that activity would be welcomed.  Discussions will also begin on the areas of focus we will need to target for AQIP.

  Several faculty had questions about AQIP.  Professor Barr asked about some details in the report, and Dr. Helm described the report process and its transmittal to IUN.  President Tolhuizen wondered who structured last week's meetings.  EVC Helm replied that the AQIP staff set up those meetings.  Dr. Schultz felt that the sessions trivialized the report and its data and were not very good use of our time.  Chancellor Bergland responded that he feels the AQIP process is much better than the traditional self-study and that we have a real opportunity to do great things at IUN.    Professor Wollons wants to see the work on the Vision and on AQIP to come together.  Dr. Helm agreed, stating that the two should become integrated.

V. Vice Chancellor's Business

 Vice Chancellor Don Steward reported that he has been working on grants involving technology in the classroom.  He asked the faculty to send him suggestions on how technology can be used to benefit students and faculty.

VI.  President's Business

 President Tolhuizen had several announcements:

 . President Tolhuizen recognized Professor Mucci.  Dr. Mucci spoke about the recent death of Professor Clarke Johnson.  Professor Johnson often said,
   " Teaching is an antidote to death."  The students have planned a memorial event for next Friday.  Professor Johnson will be greatly missed.

 . President Tolhuizen recognized Kathy Horvath, IUN Webmaster.  Kathy introduced the faculty to the new Events Scheduler for the campus.

 . President Tolhuizen stated that nomination ballots for Faculty Organization offices will be mailed next week.

VII.  UFC Report

 Professor Vinodgopal reported on the following:

 . The UFC discussed the bill authorizing the faculty to have a representative on the Board of Trustees.  President Brand may support the bill.

 . A Central Administrative Tax is being discussed by the UFC, including how much each campus pays and where the money is directed.

 . About 114 IU faculty had thought they were under the 18-20 Plan but learned recently that they were not on that retirement plan.  An alternate plan, resembling 18-20, is being developed.  The UFC will re-visit the 18-20 funding issue soon.

 . UFC is examining the master course inventory and inter-campus transfer of credit for upper-level courses.

VIII.  Committee Reports

 President Tolhuizen turned discussion to the Executive Committee Resolution on Academic Priorities.  Last month, the Faculty Organization passed Items 1 and 2 of the resolution, leaving Items 3, 4, and 5 for discussion at the February meeting.  The resolution came to the floor already moved and seconded.

 During the discussion, it was noted that the new Academic Priorities Committee can only advise; final decisions will be made by the Executive Vice Chancellor.  Also, several faculty members suggested that language should be inserted, clarifying that the resolution calls for a process whereby positions will flow from program priorities.  This revision was accepted  as a friendly amendment.  Accordingly, under Item 4, in the sentence beginning with, "The Committee will work...," the words "academic priorities" will follow the word, "determining."  The inserted language covers program priorities, position priorities, and other academic issues arising in the future.

The question was called, and Items 3, 4, and 5 were approved unanimously.

There being no further business, the Faculty Organization meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

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