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 APRIL 19,  2002

I.  Call to Order

 President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 1:01 p.m.

II.  Minutes of the February 15 and March 22, 2002 Meetings

 A motion to approve the minutes of the February 15, 2002 and March 22, 2002 was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

III.  Election Report

 President Tolhuizen called on Professor Jean Poulard for a report on the results of the Faculty Organization elections.  The winners are:

 President: K. Vinodgopal
 Vice President: P. Sandoval
 Secretary: A. Gochee
 At-Large Executive Committee members: B. Arshanapalli and R. Hass
 UFC Representative: D. Coffin
 At-Large Members, Campus P&T Committee: G. Bodmer and R. Wollons

IV.  Chancellor's Business

 Chancellor Bergland reported on the following items:

. IUN's commencement will be on Thursday, May 9, at the Radisson.  Please make an effort to attend and participate.

. We may be turning the corner vis-a-vis enrollment, for it looks like it will increase for Summer I and beyond.

. Although we have an extremely tight budget, we have done well with it.  The present budget situation looks stable.

. Our fundraising efforts are up over last year's totals.
. The chancellor has reconsidered his earlier statement that salary recommendations include consideration of contributions to the Shared Vision.  The Vision is, after all, part of service.  So, he will advise the deans to use the traditional method of evaluations used in the various units.  The chancellor desires that we have sound policies in place for salary decisions.  He believes that service to our seven-county region is something we should be doing.  The Faculty Handbook lists community service in its section on merit.  This should be a collaborative effort with the faculty.

. Upon conclusion of his remarks, Chancellor Bergland asked for any questions.  Professor Barr asked for data on past fundraising efforts at IUN.  The chancellor will gather whatever data exists and report to the Faculty Organization during the next academic year.

  Professor Vinodgopal asked about the progress in the search for an interim vice chancellor for academic affairs.  Chancellor Bergland's goal is to announce a decision by May 1.

V.  Executive Vice Chancellor's Business

 Executive Vice Chancellor Virginia Helm reported on the Critical Literary Retention Plan.  Each IU campus had to produce a plan to ensure that students' skills are appropriate for college work.  Our efforts have included the establishment of the STRETCH and SMART programs.  We have focused on getting students to the proper levels for reading, writing, and math and have had promising results.  Future initiatives in the plan will go before the Faculty Organization Admissions Committee.  She thanked the faculty for its invaluable help with these programs.

 EVC Helm concluded her report with an update on her status and plans.  She is investigating a couple of options elsewhere, but she may return to teaching in the School of Education.  She wished Chancellor Bergland well as he seeks to connect the campus with the Vision.  The assembled faculty responded with applause for EVC Helm.

VI.  President's Report

 President Tolhuizen recognized the following three persons for brief announcements:

. Professor Charlotte Reed announced that the first brown bag lunch at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will be held on April 26.  Lou Ann Karabel will speak about service learning.

. Carol Wood from Information Technology informed the faculty about several new listservs coming to campus.  We must sign up for the STAFF-L list, for if we do not do so, we will be dropped from the list.  The list will become a moderated list.

. Professor Mike Certa reported for Professor Mary Ann Fischer on AQIP progress.  With the tabulations of the results of the AQIP list of potential initiatives, three items topped the list: advising, first semester intervention, and faculty training.  Dr. Certa asked the faculty and staff to let the AQIP Team know if they have missed anything.

 President Tolhuizen called for committee reports.

  A.  First Tier Salary Committee-Professor Lindmark reported that the Committee recommended that the 3.5% salary increase be given to the units.

 B.  Teaching and Classroom Technology-Professors Hass and Schultz announced the winners for the two teaching awards:

  The Founders' Day Awards go to Professor Killibarda in Math and Professor O'Dell in Psychology.

  The Trustees' Teaching Awards go to Professors Killibarda and Becker in Math, Professor O'Dell in Psychology, Professor Garcia in Modern Languages, Professor Mucci in Anthropology, and Professor Poulard in Political Science.

 Since there is a surplus in the fund for the awards, those monies will be directed toward the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

 Professors Hass and Schultz then offered a Motion on Teaching Awards, creating two new committees to handle the award process: a Trustees Teaching Awards Committee and an IUN Founders' Day Teaching Awards Committee:

Motion on Teaching .Awards
April 19,2002

 The Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee moves that the IUN Faculty
Organization establish two new committees to be named and charged as follows:

Trustees Teaching Award Committee
Committee shall set aad distribute the criteria for selection of the Trustee Teaching
Awards. Committee shall decide the process for selection, shall select award recipients,
and oversee the receipt of accompanying monetary or physical awards (plaques, etc.).
Committee membership shall consist of Trustee Teaching Award winners from the
previous academic year and, if needed, a number of FACET members to be selected by
the Faculty Organization Executive Committee, to total ten members. Trustee Teaching
Award winners from the immediately previous academic year may choose not to serve on
the committee in the subsequent academic year, but in no case will any Trustee Teaching
Award winner be eligible to win the award in two successive years.

IUN Founders' Day Award Committee
Committee shall set and distribute the criteria for selection of the Founders' Day award.
Committee shall decide the process for the selection of award recipients. Committee
shall select award recipients and oversee the receipt of accompanying monetary and
physical awards (plaques, etc.). The Founders' Day Award Committee membership will
be assigned, as done with all other committees by the Faculty Organization.

 The motion passed unanimously.

 C.  Executive Committee-Professor Hass  reported for Professor Sandoval on the Faculty Organization Committee Restructuring Project.  The Project was undertaken because of heavy workloads on some committees while other committees enjoyed light workloads.  The draft report will go the the Constitutional Revision Committee and then return to the Faculty Organization for multiple readings, as required by the bylaws.

 D.  Calendar Committee-Registrar Peter Kesheimer reported for Professor Schoon.  An adjustment is needed on the due date for corrected grades.  The adjustment was passed unanimously.

 E.  Election Committee-Since Professor Poulard reported earlier on the election results, President Tolhuizen advised the faculty on choosing the committees for service.  A list of both Faculty Organization committees and UFC committees will be distributed.  Faculty should rank their three top committee service preferences and return that list to Professor Poulard.  IUN has one slot on each UFC committee.

VII.  Old Business

 There was no old business.

VIII.  New Business

 President Tolhuizen asked for any new business.  Professor Mark Sheldon approached the podium with a motion on criteria for academic rewards and priorities:

 Recognizing the fundamentally important principles of academic freedom and faculty governance, be it resolved that, in the future, criteria for academic rewards and priorities not listed in the Faculty Handbook be brought to the Faculty Organization for consideration, debate, and approval.

The motion received a second.   After brief discussion, a motion was made and seconded to refer Dr. Sheldon's motion to the Faculty Affairs Committee.  That motion was defeated 23 to 14.

 The question was called on the original motion.  Dr. Sheldon's motion passed, with one nay vote.

 President Tolhuizen asked for any other new business.  Vice President Vindgopal approached the podium to thank President Tolhuizen, on behalf of the faculty, for his 3.50 years of tireless and selfless service as Faculty Organization president.  Amidst rousing applause, Professor Vinodgopal presented a plaque as a token of esteem  to President Tolhuizen.  President Tolhuizen responded that it had been his privilege to serve.

IX.  Adjournment

 There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,
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