October 19, 2001






The Internet and Education: Findings of the Pew Internet & American Life
, (Washington, Pew Internet & American Life Project, Sept. 2001),
includes these findings:

"71% of online teens say that they used the Internet as the major source
for their most recent major school project or report." (p.2)

"For many teens, the Internet has replaced the library as the primary
tool for doing research for significant projects."(p.4)

Use of the Internet for school projects is neither surprising nor improper;
the Internet provides access to much valuable information and research.
What students lose in not going to the library is the opportunity to learn
with the help of a reference librarian how to do research, how to find
reliable information and data, and how to find it efficiently. An
effective research methodology ought to be one of the outcomes of a
college degree. To assure that this occurs at IUN, the Library Committee
encourages faculty to assign library projects to their students. The librarians

are ready to work with the faculty to design, implement and monitor such

library research projects.

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