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MARCH 23, 2001


Whereas, IUN has no existing policy for monitoring legal use of software on the campus, AND


Whereas, all IUN faculty and staff electronically signed a Computer User Privileges Guidelines agreement when opening their IU network computer accounts agreeing NOT to use unlicensed software on University computers, AND


Whereas, use of University computing equipment and services is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT, AND


Whereas, the IUN Computer Committee and the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology wish to maintain a professional approach to this issue,


The IUN Computer Committee, in conjunction with the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology, recommends the IUN Faculty Organization approve the following policy and procedure for controlling software license compliance on the campus,




IUN Software License Compliance Policy and Procedure


It is the personal responsibility of each computer user on the IUN campus to use and install only properly LICENSED software on University computers.  Use of unlicensed software constitutes a violation of law (with legal penalties) and the IU Computer Users’ Privileges and Responsibilities.


The following procedure is recommended to verify and monitor the legal use of software on the IUN campus:


Step 1:  Distribute the IU Computer Users Guidelines to all IUN faculty and staff, with instructions for each Dean and Director to present and review the importance of legal use of software on IU computers with all their personnel.  These reviews will then be followed after a reasonable time with an inspection of all IUN computers for software license compliance.  Any suspicious software will then be reported to the respective Deans and Directors, with instructions concerning removal of that software if valid licenses cannot be produced.   If substantial compliance is found, no further action is deemed necessary. 


Step 2:  If substantial software license compliance is NOT found after the follow-up inspection, the IU Computer Users’ Privileges and Responsibilities will be redistributed to each employee and a signature, acknowledging agreement to honor those guidelines, will be required.  Failure to sign the agreement within 14 days and deliver it to the employee’s Dean/Director will cause an immediate inspection of the employee’s computer, at which time any offending software will be removed, and the machine will be administratively “locked” so software may not be installed.  Additional software may ONLY be installed on “locked” machines by I.T. personnel and ONLY when a valid license is produced.  


Step 3:  After a reasonable time, Information Technology will randomly inspect 25% of the faculty and staff computers on the IUN campus for software license compliance and revisit those “locked” in Step 2 to verify no tampering with the “lock”.  If tampering is found, the machine will be removed from the employee’s office.  If substantial compliance is found, random inspections will be made each semester of 10% of faculty and staff computers to monitor continuing compliance with software license requirements.


Step 4: If satisfactory compliance is NOT achieved through Step 3, ALL faculty and staff machines will be administratively “locked” so no software can be installed without presenting a valid license to Information Technology personnel.


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