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 NOVEMBER   2001

I.  Call to  Order

 President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m..

II.  Minutes of the October 19, 2001 meeting.

 A motion to approve the minutes of the October 19, 2001 Faculty Organization meeting was made and seconded.  President Tolhuizen thanked Professor Robin Hass for taking excellent minutes of that meeting in the absence of Steve McShane.  The motion to approve the minutes passed unanimously.

III.  Chancellor's Business

 Chancellor Bruce Bergland reported on several items:

 . Master Plan for University Park-The City of Gary is paying the entire cost for this project.  It is a significant commitment, and the community interest is strong.  The project will probably take six months to complete and it will provide a helpful template for us.

 . Visit to Kentland-Chancellor Bergland visited recently the Kentland Chamber of Commerce.  They discussed various ways for IUN to serve the seven-county region.  Members of the Chamber exhibited much interest in creating a "Local Government Academy," offered jointly by IUN, PUC, PUNC, and other institutions.

 . Budget-This morning, President Brand called all the chancellors in the system.  It appears that we will have to perform some contingency planning, for we need to tighten our belt even more this year.  That process will be an open one.

IV.  Executive Vice Chancellor's Business

 Executive Vice Chancellor Virginia Helm presented the following items:

 . Admissions Open House-EVC Helm was very pleased at the success of this event.  She thanked the faculty for its enthusiasm and energy during the open house.

 . AQIP-The AQIP Constellation survey is now on the Web.  It is very important that as many people as possible complete the questionnaire, for this instrument is critical for our reaccreditation.  She pledged that follow-up of the findings will indeed occur, for North Central will require us to follow-up for our reaccreditation.

 . Areas of Excellence-As part of our Area of Environmental Excellence, IUN is hosting a visit by Dr. Charles Ide from Western Michigan University.  He will describe an environmental center at his campus.  His talk will be in the Library/Conference Center this afternoon.  EVC Helm hopes to see a good turnout.

 . Academic Excellence-EVC Helm has found that a perception exists among some faculty that the administration is not concerned about academic excellence.  She stated, however, that the administration is indeed committed to academic excellence, both in rhetoric and in action.  She believes that academic excellence is a "two-way street" and asked for greater faculty representation at events where our colleagues are being honored/recognized for their accomplishments, and also when "speakers of stature" visit IUN.  Those are ways to support academic excellence.

 . Center on Excellence in Teaching and Learning-Everything is in place for this Center, and we have several good candidates for director.  Next, we will be hiring a part-time instructional design person for this new unit.

 . Customer Service-EVC Helm touched upon Customer Service, or "CS", here at IUN.  We serve many constituencies: students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and community members.  We all make a difference in the quality of our service, and everyone is involved in making a person's experience at IUN a good one.  CS also extends to our interactions with colleagues on campus. Dr. Helm used an analogy of a hospital stay, where a patient has contact beyond just the physician.  Many people are involved in a patient's care in a hospital, and those persons' attitudes make a big difference in the quality of that stay.  As an example of excellent CS at IUN, EVC Helm described a recent episode involving Professor Gallmeier assisting someone new to the campus to find an office.  In fact, Dr. Gallmeier actually led that visitor to the correct location on campus.

 . Director of Sponsored Programs-EVC Helm introduced Dr. Marie Czach, our new director of sponsored programs.  Dr. Czach has outstanding credentials.  She has already offered IUN as a site to read FIPC grants.  This activity can be valuable for us to learn how these applications are evaluated.

 At this point, EVC Helm offered to answer questions.  Dr. Cohen asked about plans for the old bookstore.  Dr. Helm responded that a decision has not been made on that subject.  Dr. Bill May is working on a process to make space decisions in a systematic way.  He is gathering data about present space use and will build a database.  That project is scheduled for completion by the end of the semester.

V.  President's Business

 President Tolhuizen updated the faculty on the following topics:

 . Faculty Affairs Committee-This body is working on procedures for promotion for Lecturers.  We hope to have these guidelines in place very soon.

 . Faculty Board of Review Election-President Tolhuizen called on Professor Poulard for a report.  Dr. Poulard announced that the deadline to submit nominations for this election has been extended to Monday, November 19, at noon.  He has already received a good number of envelopes. President Tolhuizen reminded the faculty that the first resolution passed under his tenure as president was supporting/encouraging nominations of minority and female faculty.  He asked that we keep that in mind as we make our nominations.

 . President Tolhuizen called on Vice President Vinodgopal for the University Faculty Council report.  Professor Vinodgopal presented the following summary:

  . Budget-President Brand believes IU is well-positioned to ride out possible budget cuts because we have reserves.  IU may push for higher tuition, following Purdue's lead.

  . W131-A problem has arisen with this course.  The IUB English Department has moved this requirement to the W132 course, meaning that our transfer students can not have the requirement to graduate from IUB.

  . Allied Health-The school is closing down some programs and divesting themselves from system responsibilities.  Our own program will be on its own three years from now.

VI.  Special Guest

 President Tolhuizen welcomed Dr. Otto Doering from Purdue University at West Lafayette.  Professor Doering serves as the newly-appointed faculty representative to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.  He provided some insight into the workings of the ICHE and described some of the top issues facing the Commission at this time.

 One of those issues is the Community College system, for the Commission needs to work through differences between IVTC and Vincennes University.  Another item is the state budget-it will be a difficult period, especially regarding faculty salaries.  A third issue focuses on K-12 education; the Commission has studied this item and made suggestions.  Dr. Doering feels that the ICHE should do all it can to assist K-12, for it will pay off when those students reach our classrooms.

 On state legislature issues, Dr. Doering listed the budget as the major focus of attention, and we need to follow the progress of this discussion, especially the restructure of the tax plan and support for K-12.  Another item will be a bill to require state institutions to have a faculty representative on their boards of trustees.

 Dr. Doering next turned to a description of how the ICHE addresses proposals for new degrees and programs.  It looks at demand for the program, the cost, if it will need a a new influx of cash or resources, if job opportunities exist for those earning the new degree or enrolled in the program, and if the institution has the "critical mass" to do a good job with the program.  The ICHE staff is professional and provides helpful guidance on new program submission.  University presidents/chancellors should pick just one or two issues to push vis-a-vis the Commission, for the state lacks money for most new initiatives.  In essence, we will have to fight hard just to stay even.

 President Tolhuizen thanked Professor Doering for an enlightening presentation.

VII.  Committee Reports

 Computer Committee-President Tolhuizen called on Professor Bert Scott, chair of the Computer Committee.   The campus policy on computers and printers has been posted on the Web.  The new draft places the onus on the administration to obtain the equipment to do our jobs.  Also, the life-cycle funding will cover our replacements, but IT staff can only service those items, not any old equipment.  There will be some networked printing, and faculty will have to move towards that mode of printing for non-critical printing jobs.

 Dr. Scott emphasized that if a department purchases computer equipment with its budget, or with grant funds, then the department is responsible for servicing that equipment.  IT simply lacks the staff to service such equipment.

 A significant change in this current draft focuses on adjunct faculty-some of their equipment, which they share,  will be covered by this policy.

 President Tolhuizen called for a vote to approve this new computer/printer policy.  The vote passed unanimously.

VIII.  Old Business
 There was no old business.

IX.  New Business

 There was no new business.

X.  Adjournment

 There being no further business, the Faculty Organization meeting adjourned at 11:34 a.m..

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen McShane

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