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 JANUARY    2001

I.  Call to Order

 President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 10:07 a.m..

II.  Minutes of the November 17, 2000 meeting

 A motion to approve the minutes of the November 17, 2000 Faculty Organization meeting was made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

III.  Executive Vice Chancellor's Business

 Vice Chancellor Bill May reported on the budget situation.  IUN has had two major reduction decisions this year, one for this year and one for next year.  We have accomplished the first, now it is time for the second.  The reductions are needed because of falling enrollment over the past few years.  The IU Trustees expect us to make these adjustments and several budget meetings have been held on campus to address this issue.

 Via a Powerpoint presentation, Dr. May described the budget process.  There are three parties involved: IU, the Indiana Commission on Higher Education, and the State Budget Agency.  Past practice has taught us that there is usually a compromise among the varying budget recommendations, and we expect a similar scenario this year.

 Dr. May next analyzed the trends in employment and enrollment at IUN between 1988 and the present.  While our enrollment peaked in 1991-1992, we are presently at 1988 levels, with a slight increase in employment at our campus.

 Finally, VC May outlined various measures to be considered during the budget reallocation.  Vision Alignment also has budget implications.

 Several members of the Faculty Organization had comments and/or questions for Dr. May, such as Swingshift College enrollment/schedule, IUN's marketing efforts, and administrative costs in our campus budget.

 VC May acknowledged these questions and will keep them in mind as the budget process moves forward.

IV.  Associate Vice Chancellor's Business

 Associate Vice Chancellor John Kroepfl reported the following:

 . Spring applications are up 7%, and admissions are up 15%.  Fall numbers indicate that applications are up 6% but admissions are down 4%.  Fall numbers, however, are very preliminary and likely to change over the next months.

 . Our main problem continues to be retention.

 . The search for Director of Admissions is proceeding and we have a good pool of candidates.

 . AVC Kroepfl brought up the topic of class scheduling.  He believes we need to offer students better choices in their class options and meeting times.  A spirited discussion of the subject ensued with some Faculty Organization members presenting their views on the issue.

V.  President's Business

 President Tolhuizen reported on the following:

 . IUN's new Vice Chancellor for Marketing/Development/Communications has arrived.  President Tolhuizen introduced VC Jeff Lorber.  VC Lorber responded that he's very happy to be with us and is trying to visit as many campus personnel as he can over the next few weeks.  He also mentioned that his office will soon have a new name, the Office of University Advancement.  If anyone has ideas for fundraising or fundraising targets, please contact VC Lorber.

 . President Tolhuizen recognized Carol Wood from IT Services.  She offered to answer questions.  Queries included:

  . Will there be training for various Microsoft products?  Yes, but the schedule has not been completed yet.
  . can we do an "out-of-office" reply feature for our email?  Yes, we can investigate that feature.
  . Webmail can be difficult-can we obtain a manual for it?  It would be advisable to call the Help Desk with Webmail questions.  Besides Webmail, we also support Netscape Messenger and Outlook Express.  Call the Help Desk for assistance with those two alternatives.
  . How do we send a mass email to students?  For now, use the student address books in Webmail.

VI.  Committee Reports

 President Tolhuizen recognized Professor Robin Hass, chair of the Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee.  Dr. Hass reported that the Founder's Day Teaching Award applications are due on January 31, and portfolios will be sent to the Trustees on March 31.

 Next, Professor Hass read the "Resolution on the Trustees' Teaching Award," submitted to the Faculty Organization:

Resolution on the Trustees' Teaching Award

January 19, 2001

Whereas the Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee does not feel it has enough
time to complete both the Founder's Day Teaching Award and the Trustees' Teaching Award in
what remains of the Spring Semester,

Whereas the amount of work required to complete the award selection process
conscientiously poses a problem for a committee of this size,

Whereas the Trustees' Teaching award does not represent a significant portion of faculty
members teaching on our campus (lecturers, clinical appointments, etc.),

Whereas the Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee feels the various Divisions
might better evaluate the disparate pedagogies inherent in their disciplines creating a more
equitable distribution of the award,

Be it resolved that the Trustees' Teaching Awards for 2001 be selected and awarded by the
Divisions using the criteria for the Founder's Day Teaching Award with the distribution as
follows: Arts and Sciences (5), Nursing (1), Allied Health (1), Business (1), Education (1), and
Social Work, Labor Studies, SPEA, and the Library (1);

Be it also resolved that the Faculty Organization recommends that the Board of Trustees
should extend the award to include full-time instructors in addition to tenure and tenure track
faculty; and

Be it further resolved that beginning in 2001-2002, next years's Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee be formed early beginning their work in the Fall rather than the Spring to facilitate both awards and that recommendations relating to both of next year's awards (Founders Day and Trustees' Teaching) be gathered by the current committee and forwarded to the next one.

 It was noted that the resolution has come before the Faculty Organization already moved and seconded.

 Discussion of the resolution included a recommendation that as next year's Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee begins its work on this issue, that it consider using a campus-wide committee to evaluate applications and select awardees.

 VC Bill May noted two items related to the Award and this resolution.  First, he stated that the IU Trustees want the faculty to drive this process.  Second, he suggested that the references to full-time non-tenured/tenure-track faculty be removed.

 At that point, discussion was closed and the Faculty Organization voted to approve the resolution.

 There being no further business, the Faculty Organization meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

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