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Distribution and Support of Departmental and Individual Printers at IUN




To clarify how printing resources are to be managed under Life Cycle funding and what support is available for printers currently deployed at IU Northwest campus.




IU Northwest currently budgets �Life Cycle� funding for departmental laser printers and a limited number of inkjet printers for faculty and staff use. Life Cycle funding is to be used to ensure full-time faculty and staff have access to a departmental laser printer. Sufficient funding will be provided in the budget to replace a departmental laser printer once every 5 years. Ink jet printers, mostly distributed to faculty members, have proven to be cost inefficient and prone to premature failure. Effective immediately, Information Technology Services (ITS) will terminate procurement of inkjet printers. All allocated Life Cycle funds for ink jet printers will be redirected to departmental laser printing




  1. The Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs shall ascertain with guidance from departmental heads, and directors, exactly how many departmental laser printers are required for faculty and academic staff on a per department basis. Other Vice Chancellors shall follow the same procedures for allocating departmental laser printing in their respective areas.


  1. Each Vice Chancellor will ensure with the VCIT that $300.00 per year for each laser printer is allocated in the ITS Life Cycle funding budget for each and every laser printer that is deployed in their departments through the Life Cycle funding program. These printers will be clearly labeled as such and will be tracked by ITS. The total number of laser printers at IUN placed under Life Cycle funding may not exceed the amount budgeted.


  1. Department heads will be responsible for laser printer consumable supplies. Routine maintenance will be provided by ITS or vendor approved contractor. Damages due to misuse will be billed to the department.

  1. Laser printers under Life Cycle funding will be purchased by ITS from a brand name vendor. Laser printers will be retired and disposed of by ITS at the end of their useful life.


  1. Departments or other affiliated units on campus may choose to buy additional laser printers beyond those funded through Life Cycle funding. Departments or other affiliated units may choose to purchase inkjet printers for faculty or staff use with their own departmental funds. ITS will coordinate and approve laser printer purchases. Laser printers purchased without ITS approval will not be installed or supported by ITS. Departments or units that purchased these printers will be solely responsible for both installation and maintenance of these printers. ITS may chose to provide limited support for a fee if technician time is available.


  1. IU Northwest currently has a number of older laser printers and inkjet printers deployed on campus. The ITS goal is for all full-time faculty and staff to use departmental laser printing. On September 1, 2001 ITS will stop supporting all inkjet printers on campus. Departments or units currently using these printers can continue to use these inkjet printers until they fail. ITS will assist departments in recommending inkjet printers. Departments will be responsible for the install and maintenance of these inkjet printers.


  1. Departments may request an additional laser printer under Life Cycle funding by applying for a written addition to the Life Cycle funding base for printers through their Vice Chancellor. Senior Staff will make the final decision on additions to the Life Cycle funding budget for laser printers.

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