Areas of Excellence Resolution:


Whereas the Shared Vision Areas of Excellence are academic areas, and


Whereas the position of endowed chair is an academic position by nature involving both teaching and research (Academic

Handbook, II. Preamble, p.35), and


Whereas faculty will be integral in the recruiting of endowed chairs, and


Whereas faculty will be academic colleagues of endowed chairs, and "as colleagues academic personnel have obligations that

derive from common membership in the community of scholars" (Academic Handbook, II.A.1, para 4, p.36), and


Whereas, according to the Academic Handbook, faculty are to be consulted in areas concerning the "[e]stablishment of

administrative offices affecting the academic mission, and appointment and review of administrators filling these offices"

(Academic Handbook, Article I., 2.3, D, p14),


Be it resolved that representation of the IUN Faculty Organization be formally involved in the planning, implementation,

evaluation, and selection of proposals related to the Shared Vision Areas of Excellence as voting members of the selection



Be it also resolved that the composition of that involvement should be comprised of members appointed by the Executive

Committee of the Faculty Organization and should constitute at least half membership of the committee.

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