Resolution Proposed by the Student-Centered Faculty


Of Indiana University Northwest



            Whereas there have already been some significant cuts in sections (i.e., 50 sections in the Division of Arts and Sciences), and


            Whereas there is no evidence that if a particular section is cut, the same students who would have taken that section will pick up the same number of hours among other courses, and


            Whereas the strategy of decreasing the number of sections to increase the number of students per section has not worked, and


            Whereas there have already been substantial cuts in academic programs which have made fewer choices available to students, and


            Whereas the cuts were not made systematically with regard to maintaining other programs that are dependent upon the cancelled sections to service their majors (i.e., access to fulfilling the general education requirements for Education and nursing majors if affected by cuts in Arts and Sciences), and


            Whereas those cuts may be contributing to the overall decline in numbers,


            Therefore be it resolved that before there are further cuts in sections and in faculty summer teaching and pay in 2001 and thereafter, there must be cuts in administrative positions and/or pay proportional to the cut in sections and faculty that have already taken place.

Indiana University Northwest
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