Resolution on the Trustees' Teaching Award

January 19,2001

Whereas the Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee does not feel it has enough time to complete both the Founder's Day Teaching Award and the Trustees' Teaching Award in what remains of the Spring Semester,

Whereas the amount of work required to complete the award selection process conscientiously poses a problem for a committee of this size,

Whereas the Trustees' Teaching award does not represent a significant portion of faculty members teaching on our campus (lecturers, clinical appointments, etc.),

Whereas the Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee feels the various Divisions might better evaluate the disparate pedagogies inherent in their disciplines creating a more equitable distribution of the award,

Be it resolved that the Trustees' Teaching Awards be selected and awarded by the Divisions using the criteria for the Founder's Day Teaching Award with the distribution as follows: Arts and Sciences (5), Nursing (1), Allied Health (1), Business (1), Education (1), and Social Work, Labor Studies, SPEA, and the Library (1);

Be it also resolved that the Faculty Organization recommends that the Board of Trustees should extend the award to include full-time instructors in addition to tenure and tenure track faculty; and

Be it further resolved that next years' Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee be formed early beginning their work in the Fall rather than the Spring to facilitate both awards and that recommendations relating to both of next year's awards (Founders Day and Trustees' Teaching) be gathered by the current committee and forwarded to the next one.

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