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 September 22, 2000

I.  Call to Order

 Faculty Organization President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.  He thanked Kris Bagan, the new secretary for the Faculty Organization.  He also expressed appreciation to Vice Chancellor Marilyn Vasquez for finding the funds for the refreshments.

II.  Minutes of April 21, 2000

 A motion to approve the minutes of the April 21, 2000 Faculty Organization meeting was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

III.  Chancellor's Business

 Chancellor Bruce Bergland welcomed everyone back for a new academic year.  He mentioned the series of diversity programs for this year and hoped people would take advantage of the offerings.

 The chancellor presented information on the following points:

. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs-the search is still open and the same Search Committee will continue its work.
. An offer has been made to a candidate for Vice Chancellor-Marketing and Communications.
. The search for a Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Services will begin soon.
. Bill Staehle has returned to IUN as Special Assistant to the Chancellor.
. Community College Initiative-negotiations have begun with the Commission for Higher Education to hold regional campuses harmless regarding enrollment.  The negotiations include IU and Purdue.
. Enrollment is down; there is no evidence that the Community College has affected our enrollment.
. Regional campus chancellors want to work with Vice President Terry Clapacs, who has responsibilities for physical facilities, to discuss physical facilities at the regionals.
. Library Café-the chancellor had hoped the Café would have opened by the Fall semester.  It didn't, but it will.
. Shared Vision-the Vision process is a learning process for all of us.  We are all committed to learning and growing, which the Vision helps us accomplish.  The Coordinating Committee was not constructed well for its tasks (such as communication and support)  and has been revamped.  All of the Task Forces need diverse membership, broadly defined, to include faculty, staff, students, alumni, advisory board members, and community members.  The Task Force for the Areas of Excellence will also be revamped.  Its first step will be to select two broad areas for which IUN will be known.  It is critical that we involve all constituencies in this process.  That endeavor will be rooted in the faculty and academic departments.

IV.  Vice Chancellor's Business

a.  Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Bill May began the introduction of new faculty.  He introduced the new Director of Financial Aids, Charles Carothers.  Also, Peter Kesheimer is the new Interim Director of Admissions.    Dr. May then turned over the introductions to Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences Patricia Lundberg, who called upon department chairs to introduce their new faculty:

. Professor Tolhuizen introduced Lori Montalbano-Phelps, Communication
. Professor Goodman introduced Ann Fritz, Curator of the Modern Art Gallery in the Savannah Center, and Adrienne Couchman, Fine Arts
. Professor Szarkowicz introduced Bob Bell, CIS
. Professor Synowiec introduced Gian Mario Besana, Mathematics
. Professor Sheldon introduced Gianluca DiMuzio, Philosophy
. Professor Lundberg introduced Al Martin, Psychology

Professor Anna Rominger, Interim Dean for the Division of Business, introduced five new business faculty:

. Jim Thomas
. Paul Patterson
. Rajan Selladurai
. Connie Milbourne
. Morton Skildesky

Professor Deena Nardi, Division of Nursing, introduced three new nursing faculty:

. Mary Goolik
. Charlene Gyurko
. Susan Siwinski-Hebel

Professor Robert Weiler, Interim Dean of Social Work, introduced one new faculty:

. Deanna McDonald

At the conclusion of the introductions, VC May provided the following points of information on a variety of subjects:

. The search continues for a Director of Admissions
. Ann Robinson, grants advisor, has resigned.
. IUN has received a $399,973 grant for a Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC).
. The search for a Dean of Arts and Sciences has started.
. The chancellor has charged the Steering Committee for the upcoming North Central Accreditation process.
. There will be ten Summer Faculty Fellowships, each worth $7,500.00.
. Last year's audit found that we cannot use the general fund to purchase food for meetings.  The IU Foundation will now support the food costs for our meetings.
. Faculty should check with their deans about the John Ryan Award for International Service.
. Prayer policy-At present, IUN does not schedule formal times and places for prayer anywhere on campus.
. In response to a question, VC May said we are not bound to use the campus food service for catering our events.
. In response to another question, VC May noted that visiting faculty are not eligible for summer faculty fellowships.

b.  Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Don Steward reported the following:

. VC Steward introduced Otto Jefimenko, Director of Physical Plant, and Carol Wood, Director of Technical Services.
. The new air conditioning unit is up and running.
. E-mail-we now have the addresses and there is a process to obtain one.  Ask John Rudolph, Kathy Horvath, Jackie Coven, or Nikki Lott for assistance.
. Information Technology's "Make It Happen" week took place this past week.
. Student computer labs will now be called Student Technology Centers.

c.  Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs John Kroepfl reported on the following:

. VC Kroepfl had good news and bad news: The good news is that there has been a slight increase in beginning undergraduate students; we will also begin implementing the Noel-Levitz recruiting plan this year.  The bad news is that continuing students are not returning as they have in past years.  He urged that we give students, especially freshmen, lots of feedback and asked that faculty use the Early Alert system.  VC Kroepfl will attempt to devote more time to retention this year.
. Continuing student scholarships are now under the Financial Aids office.
. The Porter and Lake County fairs are now under the Alumni Association.
. Dr. Kroepfl thanked Kathryn Lantz for her service in heading up the Noel-Levitz project and initiated the Telecounseling unit at IUN.

V.  President's Business

 President Tolhuizen reported on the following:

. Professor Bob Weiler is chair for this year's United Way campaign.  Dr. Weiler addressed the meeting, explaining the United Way fund drive process and asking for good participation this year.

. President Tolhuizen described action taken at the first University Faculty Council meeting this year.  At the end of last year, a new policy on conflict of interest was introduced.  The Trustees asked for a few changes, mostly clarification on several points.  The revised policy was passed at that first UFC meeting this year.  It re-affirms the Academic Handbook policy on reporting outside hours and income.  The policy has been posted on the UFC website.

VI.  Committee Reports

 Professor Lindmark presented a resolution from the Faculty Organization Executive Committee dealing with the Shared Vision Areas of Excellence.  The resolution calls for more faculty involvement in the Areas of Excellence process (resolution is attached to these minutes).

 President Tolhuizen noted that the resolution comes to the floor with an automatic motion and second.  Discussion ensued with various arguments for and against the resolution.  Those supporting the resolution believed the faculty's voice should be strong on this issue.  Those opposing the resolution felt that we should wait until we see the new configurations of the Coordinating Committee and the Areas of Excellence Task Force.

 The question was called.  President Tolhuizen asked if anyone objected.  There was an objection, so discussion continued.

 The question was called a second time.  A motion to table the resolution was made and seconded.  A voice vote on the motion was too close to call;  therefore, a show of hands was requested.  Upon tallying the votes, the motion passed, and the resolution was tabled.

 A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen G. McShane

Indiana University Northwest
3400 Broadway - Gary, Indiana  46408

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