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 OCTOBER 20, 2000

 I.  Call to Order

 Faculty Organization President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order.

II.  Minutes of September 22, 2000

 A motion to approve the minutes of the September 22, 2000 Faculty Organization meeting was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

III.  Chancellor's Business

 Chancellor Bergland began his remarks by commenting on the beauty of the campus.   He thanked Diane Cutler and her staff for all of the hard work to make IUN a very attractive place.  The Gary Chamber of Commerce also recognized our campus by awarding  IUN the Chamber's first beautification award.

 The chancellor read the Shared Vision statement and reported that the eight task forces are at work, and 140 persons have signed up to work on these task forces.  He clarified the point that if you are not a task force member, that does not mean that you are not engaged in something that is moving toward the Vision.  Many things are happening at IUN that are moving us to the Shared Vision but are not part of the formal process.  The chancellor presented three examples of such endeavors:

. The Management Group has been formed recently.  Its membership includes faculty, staff, professional and hourly staff, administration, and students.  The purpose is to have broad representation to discuss issues of importance to the campus.  It meets every Monday morning.  It is not a voting body, but offers advice and counsel to assist in decision-making.

. Diversity Programming Group has produced a series of events for the entire year.  The schedule is in a brochure available at various points on campus.  Chancellor Bergland described a few of the upcoming events and commented that with the range of offerings, there is probably something for everyone, both in terms of personal interest as well as our students.  This effort is right in line with our Vision, and we should alert our colleagues and students of the series.

. The chancellor, vice chancellor for academic affairs, and the deans traveled to Rennselaer last week.  They met with a number of persons to listen to ideas of how IUN could serve them.  The discussion produced a number of exciting suggestions.

 On another matter, Chancellor Bergland announced that the successful candidate for the office of Vice Chancellor for Development, Marketing, and Communications, has sent a written acceptance of offer, so he will be on-board soon.

IV.  Vice Chancellor's Business

a.  Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Bill May reported on the following:

.  the NCA Committee has met twice.  Subcommittees will be forming and he hoped we will participate in this process.

.  the Areas of Excellence Task Force has been created with 50% faculty membership.

. the P&T Committee is at work

. the Grants Committee is working on summer faculty fellowships and sabbaticals.

b.  Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs John Kroepfl reported on the following:

. the PeopleSoft package is being implemented in phases.  Phase 1 began in September with the "prospect"  module for recruiting and is going smoothly.  Among all the IU campuses, our data was the cleanest.  Dr. Kroepfl thanked Kathryn Lantz and the Admissions office staff for the excellent work.  Phase 2 will begin next fall with the application process.  PeopleSoft is an order of magnitude better than prior systems for managing this sort of information.

. The president has appointed a task force, aimed at IUB and IUPUI, to review administrative functions with the intent of centralization and possible savings and efficiencies.  It will focus on admissions, registrar, bursar, financial aid.  We may get involved in this project at some point, but nothing has been said on that subject.

. Encourage colleagues to turn in their Early Alert reports.  It's very important, so please participate.  Last year, we had a 70% participation rate, so we'd like to increase it.

. AVC Kroepfl reported on enrollment figures for the Purdue campuses, in response to a question at the last Faculty Organization meeting.  These figures can be found at the Commission for Higher Education website, under press releases.

c.  Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

 VC Steward was away from campus, but Carol Wood  reported on the IUN email systems.  About 30% of faculty and staff have changed their addresses from iunhaw1 to

Carol noted that persons at IUN with just the addresses (new faculty and staff) do not get the campus-wide messages sent to staff@iunhaw1.  The way to reach everyone is through the new campus listserv-but, one cannot post a message to the listserv without an address.  If one wishes to post to the listserv, send the message to Carol and she will post it.  The new listserv sends a campus-wide digest of its messages every day at 1:00.  Everyone should get the address and then have iunhaw1 mail forwarded to the new address by calling the HELP desk and asking for that forwarding option.  The iunhaw1 server has been having problems, so we should migrate away from iunhaw1 when the time is right.  Carol asked that we clean out our iunhaw1 messages whenever possible, so that they are not lost when the iunhaw1 server is discontinued.

Carol also asked us to advise our students that iunlab1 will be discontinued at some point.  So, students need to get their address.

To obtain your new address, go to the IUN home page and click on the rotating key icon.  Instructions on how to get the new address are located there.  For a few people, listed on an "exception list" on the website, the process is a bit more complicated, so contact Nicki Lott for assistance.

V.  President's Business

 President Tolhuizen called on Professor Bob Weiler, chair for this year's United Way campaign.  Dr. Weiler addressed the meeting, explaining the United Way fund drive process and asking for good participation this year.  The deadline is November 17.

 President Tolhuizen reported on the University Faculty Council.  Usually, the first UFC meeting centers around the president's state of the university address.  This year, however, the address was pushed back to October by the Bobby Knight episode.  So, the first couple of UFC meetings saw very little business transacted.

 One thing that has begun this week is a lively email debate surrounding the president's address, specifically the role of liberal arts in the future.  Some persons perceive that IU is moving away from the liberal arts, while others do not share that view.  This issue will likely become an important issue this year.

VI.  Committee Reports

 Stephen Echtenkamp, from the Medical School, reported as chair of the library committee.  He presented the library materials budget for the year.  It is essentially the same as last year, meaning its buying power is reduced.  President Tolhuizen noted that since the library budget is submitted as a committee report, it arrives at the Faculty Organization already moved and seconded.  The president opened the floor for discussion, and hearing none, called for a vote.  The budget was approved unanimously.

VII.  Old Business

 There was no old business.

VIII.  New Business

 Linda Rooda, co-chair of the Shared Vision Coordinating Committee, reported that 140 persons are now enrolled in the process.  Information about the Shared Vision activities can be found on its website, including a calendar of meetings and agendas/minutes for the task forces.

IX.  Adjournment

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

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