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 I.  Call to Order

 President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m..

II.  Minutes of of October 20, 2000

 A motion to approve the minutes of October 20, 2000 was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

III.  President's Business

 It was agreed that the agenda for today's meeting could be altered slightly to accommodate visitors from the IU Office of International Programs (OIP).  Professor Rhiman Rotz, IUN's representative to the OIP, introduced Ken Rogers, Associate Dean in the International Services Office.  Dr. Rogers presented a brief overview of OIP.  The Office reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and also President Brand.  OIP covers all aspects of international affairs on all IU campuses.  At present, IU has about 4,500 students and scholars visiting on all campuses, representing 137 countries.

 Next, Judy Rice from OIP described funding for international education experiences.  An Overseas Conference Fund assists faculty to present papers abroad.  There is also a fund to help with research.  OIP has introduced a new program to involve non-IUB faculty in international projects.  Scholarships are available for students, including non-traditional students.  Each IU campus has a representative to OIP.    In addition, a Faculty Exchange Program offers opportunities to schools/departments/divisions to exchange with universities abroad.

 Finally, Roxane Newman spoke about funds, on a matching basis, to assist libraries build their holdings of international materials (IUN Library Director Bob Moran rose to thank the OIP for their help with IUN's library collection and also asked faculty to send him ideas for acquisitions of such items).  Roxane noted that inter-program grants support collaboration between IU campuses.  All of this information is in the OIP newsletter.  Contact Rhiman if you want to be placed on the mailing list.

 Dr. Rogers concluded that OIP is not only a source for funds but also a source for information.  Even if one does not have a contact abroad but would like to travel internationally, OIP can make the necessary contacts.  Professor Rotz is our first point of contact about any question regarding OIP.

 President Tolhuizen thanked the OIP representatives for coming to IUN and providing such important information. He went on to report the following:

 . First-tier Salary Committee elections are going on in the divisions.  Committee membership should be finalized by November 20.

 . The Faculty Board of Review nomination letters are going out today.  Nominations are due by the 27th, and ballots will be mailed after that date.

 . The UFC has formed an inter-campus committee involving campuses with medical centers.  The committee will examine the status of medical faculty members and their relationship to their home campuses.

 . Three possible dates have been set for the NCA Self-Study visit: October 29-31 in 2002, and March 4-6 or February 4-6 in 2003.  Professor Vinodgopal will construct a web site for NCA-related activities.  He is also looking for committee chairs.

IV.  UFC Report

Professor Vinodgopal reported on several items from the UFC:

  . The budget is before the ICHE today.
  . IU is hiring Arthur Andersen to improve efficiency.
  . In April, UFC adopted a policy on transfer credits.  There was an amendment to this action at the last meeting.
  . Dan Regan spoke to the ICHE about the Community College initiatives and the Commission's desire to close down some degree programs.  Another item dealt with Eminent Scholars for Indiana universities.  There is a feeling that faculty should be involved more and also examine why funding should be provided for private universities, such as Notre Dame.

V.  Vice Chancellors' Business

a.  Interim Vice Chancellor Bill May reported the following:

 . The Indiana Commission for Higher Education has approved name changes for several IUN divisions.  New names are the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education, and the School of Business.

 . Concerning international students, Dr. May noted that IUSB and IUK advertise for such students, and IUN can do the same.  If faculty would like to use international faculty and/or students, contact Academic Affairs.

 . The Inter-Campus Research Committee will meet on Monday.  IUN has one proposal.  We don't have many applicants for such research, and we really should take advantage of this program.

b.  Assistant Vice Chancellor John Kroepfl reported on the following:

 . If faculty are not familiar with the FN grade, contact the division dean.

 . The automatic withdrawal deadline is October 27.   The deadline should be tied to the government's deadline.  We need the Academic Affairs Committee and the Calendar Committee to work on aligning the two deadlines.

 . Last night's IUN open house attracted sixty-nine prospective students; total attendance was about 120 persons.  John thanked Mary Bertoluzzi for handling the event in excellent fashion.

 . For spring semester, applications are up 25%, while admissions are up 15%.  For fall semester, applications are up 44%.

 . A part-time faculty project is underway.  Deans are assessing how many part-time positions can be organized into full-time positions.

 . The regional campuses have now been drawn into the IUB/IUPUI project to examine the offices of the bursar, financial aids, registrar, and admissions.  President Brand has hired a consulting firm for this endeavor.

 . The ICHE and the State Budget Office are interested in "outcome measures."  In the 2001-2003 budget negotiations, we will seek funding to discover how our graduates are doing in their careers.  This effort is very preliminary right now, but it may grow.

VI.  Committee Reports

 Professor Iztok Hozo reported that the Grants and Research Development Committee has recommended ten summer faculty fellowship proposals, six grant-in-aid proposals and one time release proposal.  Award letters have been mailed out from Academic Affairs.

VII.  Old Business

 There was no old business.

VIII.  New Business

 There was no new business.

IX.  Presentation of Proposals for Campus Areas of Excellence

 President Tolhuizen called on Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Bill May to facilitate presentations for  the eight proposals for IUN's Areas of Excellence.  The proposals were:

 . Center for Community and Urban Health and Wellness
 . Center for Northwest Indiana Cultural Discovery and Learning
 . The Urban Studies Institute
 . IUN Center for Environmental Studies
 . Virtual IUN
 . Northwest Indiana Institute for Family Wellness and Professional Training
 . Center for Ethics and Public Policy
 . IUN Center for Study of Biological and Behavioral Evolution

 These proposals will be placed on the Shared Vision web site.

X.  Adjournment

   Upon conclusion of the presentations, President Tolhuizen asked for a motion to adjourn.  The motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

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