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 January 21, 2000

 Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 10:07 a.m.
Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve was made and seconded.  Hearing no objections, minutes were approved.
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs' Business
The VCAA was unable to attend meeting, but plans on speaking at nest meeting.
Associate Vice Chancellor's Business
John Kroepfl spoke about enrollment.  So far new applications are up for fall 2000.  Spring enrollment is down by 2% in head count and 2.6 % in credit hours.  Graduate enrollment is down in all divisions except Social Work.
    One of our goals is to get as many students through pipeline as soon as possible.  We are now looking at moving towards an online assessment program.  In past students had to come back to be assessed.  we now have a group of students who have been admitted in January but will wait until June to be assessed.  With online assessment we will be able to admit and assess on same day.
    We have to make scheduling more flexible for students,  We need a balanced program.  Some students can only come evenings or afternoons or mornings.
    Question was raised about offering distance education at Portage Site.  Right now we cannot do this because the phone company in Portage is different from the one used in Schererville.  Ameritech is in Lake County and GTE is in Porter County.  GTE is not ready for Distance Ed types of activities.

    Chair's Business

    1. Vice Chancellor Search Committee
        Each Division has appointed a representative to the committee. Alan Barr will be representing the Faculty Organization.
    2. First Tier Salary Committee
        The faculty organization executive committee revived the First Tier Salary Committee.  Some Divisions have already appointed representatives to the committee.  The Chancellor has indicated a willingness to work with this committee.  This is the third year of the equity process.
    3. Naming the new building
        The Planning and Use Committee is seeking suggestions for a name for the new building.  Send your suggestions to the committee.
    4. Grants & Research Committee
        There is about $5,000.00 left in Grants-In-Aid budget.  The grants committee is soliciting second round request.  Applications are not going to be accepted by those who already applied and were granted monies.
    5. E-mail from UFC
        Chairman Tolhuizen read the following message that will be discussed at next University Faculty Organization Meeting:
          As members of an institution of higher education, we have dedicated ourselves to creating an environment where each individual is important and can succeed.  Our institutional ethic compels us to foster the best possible environment fof doing our work as educators, learners and supporters of the educational process.  When any one of our members is prevented from doing her or his best, the entire community is diminished.  As members of an institution of higher learning, we must periodically reaffirm the fundamental ethics and values that form the framework for our university.

          If we are true to our commitment to diversity and welcoming all, everyone must do his or her part.  We value academic freedom and an open exchange of ideas and opinions.  While no set rules or policies can wholly govern human conduct, it is important to state that civility is a fragile construct that each of us must cherish and preserve.

    6. On Friday, January 28, 2000 the president of Indiana AAUP as well as Dan Reagan who sits on Commission for Higher Education and is from Ball State will be here from 12:00-2:00 in MH123.
Committee Reports
Constitutional Revision Committee
        Anna Rominger explained that bylaws are our details,  Bylaws are not as difficult to change as is the constitution.  The committee has attempted to streamline and make things easier.  The bylaws will have their second reading at our February Meeting.
        At the Faculty Organization Committee is was noted that the new constitution calls for nominations in February.  Therefore, in February we will start process of selecting officers.  There are now three offices to be filled:  President, Vice President, and Secretary.
Old Business
New Business
Mary Bertoluzzi introduced our new Career Placement person Christine Corral.
      Meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m.
Submitted by Florence Sawicki, Secretary


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