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February 18, 2000

  1. Call to Order
      Meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m.
  2. Approval of January 21, 2000 Minutes.
      The minutes of the January 21, 2000 meeting were approved without discussion.
  3. Chancellor's Business
      A.    IU Chancellor's now have regular meetings by conference call.
      B.    Auditors from Bloomington were on campus last to help us understand our flow.
      C.    Budget - Each campus division will be managing their own budget.  We will
              train people as necessary for this.
      D.    Academic Activities Building - The building is almost finished, but much remains to be done.  Bloomington is
              helping to determine what needs go into the building.
      E.    Naming the Building - The Planning and Facilities Use committee is soliciting names and soon a name will be
              selected and passed on to Bloomington.
      F.    We now have a proposal from Gary Transit to run a shuttle among PUC, IUN and IVY Tech.  Money must
              now be found to start up the operation.
      G.    Training sessions will be held next week for supervisors of hourly staff.  This will help supervisors develop
              criteria for merit evaluations.
  4. Interim Executive Vice Chancellor's Business
      A.    Graduate faculty applications are due by March 1, 2000.
      B.    The Board of Trustees is reviewing the study of TERA awards.  This year the awards will be handled the
              same way as in the past.
      C.    Outstanding Research and Service award nominations are due by March 6, 2000.
      D.    Commencement is May 11, 2000 at the Star Plaza.
      E.    The search for the Dean of Arts and Sciences has started.
  5. Associate Vice Chancellor's Business - Don Steward
      A.    From now on, call the HELP desk to report physical plant problems.
      B.    So far 140 Dells and 89 new Macs have been installed.  A number of other computers, hardware, and
              software have been ordered.
      C.    Web Mail service has been added to the IUN Homepage.
      D.    Seventeen new carts have recently been purchased for Instructional Media.
      E.    There will be computer lab set up in the new building.
  6. Associate Vice Chancellor's Business - Bill May
      A.    Our Assessment Committee recommends that we begin collecting data on how we assess general education.
      B.    We are now searching for a part-time employee in Career Services.
      C.    The Academic Council is considering a proposal to require reinstated freshmen to take the Freshman
              Seminar course.
      D.    Bill May is now filling in for Ernest Smith in Student Services.
      E.    The University is urging local campuses to make better use of FACET.  We are the only campus that does
              not have a Teaching and Learning Center.
      F.    IUN and the Department of Psychology are hosting Robert Evans from the University of Houston.  He will
             speak on the prevention of gambling in youth.
  7. Chair's Business
      A.    We will be having Faculty Organization elections soon.
      B.    The Executive Committee will be discussing the high cost of books in the bookstore.  Chancellor
              Bergland injected that a search for a new bookstore manager is underway.
  8. UFC Report - Paul Blohm University Faculty Council Home Page
      A.    President Brand discussed two issues:
        1. Applications for admission to the university must ask if the prospective student has had a felony conviction, or has been placed under disciplinary status at another school.
        2. IU now has a policy on sweat shops maintained either by IU corporate sponsors or by the companies corporate sponsors do business with.
      B.    The first year of inviting selected faculty to stay on at the university rather than retire under 18/20 has
              resulted in a savings of $123,000.
      C.    There was a discussion of appointment and rank for part-time faculty.
      D.    UFC is working on a Statement of Civility for the IU system.
      E.    UFC is working on a policy on accommodations for religious observances.
      F.    The March 28, 2000 UFC meeting will be held on this campus.
  9. Committee Reports
      A.    Constitutional Revision Committee - At the second reading, the motion to approve the By-laws of the
              new faculty Organization passed unanimously.
      B.    Grants and Research Development Committee - The motion to increase the stipend for SFFs to $10,000
              and to award 14 SFFs per year was approved.
      C.    Planning and Facilities Use Committee - The results of a campus survey about the name for the new
              Academic Activities Building were as follows: 21 for Dunes Center, 14 for Trillium Center, and 65 for
              Savanna Center.  A recommendation will be made to Chancellor Bergland to name the new building the
              Savanna Center.
  10. Old Business - None.
  11. New Business
      Prof. Alan Barr moved and Prof. Robert Moon seconded a resolution to reaffirm the Faculty Organization's Resolution on Administrative Salaries passed in 1997.  A motion to refer the resolution to the First Tier Salary Committee was passed.
  12. Adjournment
      The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.
  Submitted by Florence Sawicki, Secretary

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