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 April 21, 2000
  1. Call to Order
    The meeting was called to order at 1:02.
  2. Tribute to Herman B Wells by Dr. William Neil (copy of speech attached)
  3. Motions to approve the minutes of February 18, 2000 and March 24, 2000
    Approval of February 18, 2000 and March 24, 2000 were made, seconded, and passed.
  4. Chancellor's Business
    1. Tom Higgins resigned as Alumni Director. He is well-known in the Region but has decided to depart. We will work very hard to see that commencement goes very well.
    2. We are putting together a team to put a café in the library and hope to have it up and running by this Fall.
    3. We now have a formal proposal from NIRPC regarding transportation connecting IUN, PUC, and Ivy Tech.
    4. There are some ongoing discussions about WYIN-TV, Channel 56, and where it might be relocated. The mayor prefers downtown Gary as the site and is willing to work with us.
    5. The Ball State University Architecture Department is interested in working with us on a Glen Park project. We will do this in concert with neighborhood development groups.
    6. We are continuing careful consideration of establishing a laboratory school and will know more after school board elections.
  5. Interim VC Marilyn Vasquez
    1. Interim Vice Chair for Academic Affairs Marilyn Vasquez thanked all of the faculty committees for their hard work this year. Right now, she is working on budgets that have to be completed by Monday.
  6. Vice Chancellor Don Steward
    1. Vice Chancellor for Technology Don Steward reported that computers for Portage site have been ordered.
    2. The new Academic Activities building has run into electrical problems and things may be delayed for six weeks because of the electrical contractor having problems.
    3. We have about 55 people that need new computers and work is progressing to obtain them. New software will be purchased for the Mathematics department. If we plan to use software to teach, he will buy software for the labs for student use.
    4. He is working on purchasing a web site for career placement so that students can be informed about job interest.
    5. Regarding Physical Plant issues, new glass is being installed in the student building and the staff will work on keeping the rest rooms cleaner.
  7. Associate VC John Kroepfl
    1. Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs John Kroepfl reported that we are running about 40% ahead and 70% on admits. From here on out we are running on a positive basis. Students are being tested in a much smoother fashion.
  8. Chair's Business
    1. Elections are over now and divisions need to hold their elections. We need to elect a Teaching Load Review Committee by the end of the semester.
    2. Next week, faculty will receive a ballot for ranking committee choices. Under the new constitution new officers and new committees take office at the end of the Spring semester. We hope to have these committees in place before summer.
    3. In the Fall, we will have to hit the ground running. A huge issue is Post-Tenure Review, and we have to come up with a policy acceptable to the Board of Trustees. We know what they are looking for since other campuses have approved policies.
    4. We are also working on policies for religious observances and conflicts of interest.
    5. The search committee for the VC of Academic Affairs, chaired by Alan Barr, has worked very hard to be sure that candidates arrive before semester's end. It would be good for people to attend a session with the candidates. If you cannot make it during the faculty time, there are other time slots available.
  9. Committee Reports-Bob Moran
    1. Bob Moran noted that his report is more of a vision of what we think the library will look like in five years. Paul Kern expressed concern about the movement away from books and moving more towards electronics. Bob responded that we have to give more time to the statement about the book-the book gives one the opportunity to think. A significant amount of money will be spent on books. It is probable that the reference function in the library will change in the next five years.
    2. First Tier Resolutions--Alan Lindmark
        Resolutions 1 through 4 were called. Motions passed.
    3. Ron Cohen commented that he opposed the Salary Committee and would like to go back to the original concept.
  10. Adjournment
    1. A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 2:30.

 Submitted by:  Florence Sawicki, Secretary


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