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 November 22, 1999

    Call to Order
       Meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m.

    Approval of Minutes of October 22, 1999

      Minutes were approved
    Chancellor's Business
    1. The campus will move forward with the search for Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
    2. At our next Faculty Organization meeting Marilyn Vasquez will talk about the Community College Initiative.  There is some talk about the possibility of developing a shuttle amongst the campuses.
    3. One of the issues that Vision Committee is dealing with is marketing.  Apparently this institution has been doing more marketing research in this area then all the other institutions.
    4. Summary of Noel Levitz Report indicates that faculty and staff are harder on themselves then are our students.  We are going to do a comparative study where we compare ourselves to institutions like us.
    5. Parking & Safety: Parking is safe but driving to the campus is another issue.
    6. Times Article:  If someone has not seen the excellent article done about our campus by the Times copies are available in the Chancellor's Office.
    7. New Library Hours:  Bob Moran is looking into keeping the library open later at night plus planning on setting up an area where coffee would be available.
    8. Parking Lot:  A question was raised about north parking lot.  John Black informed the group that 80 spots would be returned to us shortly.

    Interim Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs' Business:

      Bill May spoke for Marilyn Vasquez.  The Assessment Committee is beginning to collect sample of assessment of General Education from various units.

    Vice Chancellor for Technology Don Stuart's Business

    1. Y2K: Students have been hired to help get this campus Y2K ready.
    2. Anyone who has concerns about data then contact computer center for help on making CD copies.   Call HELP desk.
    3. Copies of materials from Bloomington will be on display at HELP desk.
    4. If you have concerns about data you have at home, again contact HELP desk.
    5. New e-mail addresses may be available in February.  I-map and server will allow you to immediately open attachments.

    Chair's Business

    1. Presentation was made to Linda Rooda for her serving as Chair of Faculty Organization for 1997-1998.
    2. Marianne Fischer spoke about Human Subjects.  There is a web site that one can go to for information .  The site is:
      She reminded us that ALL research done by people at IUN is subject to review by committee appointed by Academic Affairs.  IDeas of what constitutes human subject approval is changing and expanding. The committee will review human subject even if your proposal is not federally funded.  This related to student research as well. Just about anything where human beings are asked questions needs to be reviewed.  Whenever in doubt call Marianne.
      Levels of Review:
      1. must be received before you start
      2. follow rules by federal government
      3. faculty reviewed
      4. committee will try to review within a week
      5. approval are for one year
    3. Service Learning Announcement was made that there was a luncheon immediately after meeting in conference center to talk about Service Learning.  Service Learning is defined to mean involving students into community projects.
    4. Bev Pankey spoke about the GALA.  Mentioned that the Dan Orescanon Scholarship will be the centerpiece of the GALA.  Encouraged all to come on December 9, 1999.  Scholarship money for the City of Gary has come and more is expected.

    University Faculty Report

      Report will be made at next meeting

    Committee Reports

    1. Summer Faculty Fellowships/Grants
      Professor Vinodgopal reported that 13 applicants for 14 grants was made.  Money left over will go towards grant-in-aid to be made available in spring. Professor Vinodgopal recommend to Faculty Executive Committee to reconsider the amounts for summer faculty.  Executive Committee requested that he be more specific in making recommendations on how to handle summer fellowships & grants.  They want a solid recommendation so that they can bring it to the Faculty Organization.
    2. Election Committee
      Professor Szarkowicz reported on the voting for senate vs. faculty organization.  the results were:  111 votes were cast, 75 in favor of faculty organization and 36 voted for senate.  IUN will continue with Faculty Organization Model.  A second ballot will be sent out to ratify the new constitution.  Ballots were sent out for Board of Review.  Ballots are due back by November 23, 1999.

    Old Business


    New Business



      Meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.
Submitted by Florence Sawicki, Secretary


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