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  October 22, 1999

    Call to Order
       Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.
    Approval of Minutes
      The September 24, 1999 minutes were approved
    Chancellor's Business
    1. Installation
        Chancellor Bergland expressed his appreciation for everyone's participation at his installation.  His family felt welcomed and enjoyed the companionship shared that day.
    2. Shared Vision
        People are realizing how important this process is.  Many are attending session and more session had to be added.  External groups are overwhelmingly appreciative that they are being asked for their input.
    3. Phoenix
        As a result of article in the Phoenix a session was held in early October which emphasized how we can better listen to one another.
    4. Community College
        President Brand has met with the Governor and we are going ahead on establishing collaboration with Ivy Tech State College.  We have been assured by the Governor that the Community College will not effect our funding even if enrollment declines.  Chancellor Bergland also mentioned that the Governor complimented IUN on how we are moving forward with the Community College arrangement.  "we are doing things the way they should be done."
    5. Medical Building
        There seems to be some confusion at state level as to what was agreed upon. i.e., Did they agree to one or two buildings?
    6. Low Enrollment Programs
        No new news about low enrollment programs.
    1. Building & Development
        Committee is working on what needs to be added to further beautify the campus.  Plans are underway for a Botanical Garden.

    Vice Chancellor for Technology

      Checking to be sure campus is Y2K ready.  Each computer will be checked.  Where needed software will be added.  Described discussions with Bloomington regarding web pages.  Bloomington has recommendations but we can decide which way we want to go.  (See motion under New Business.)
    Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
      Associate Vice Chancellor Kroepfl asked Professor Mary Harris-Russell to talk about FACET and what one has to do to be considered.  November 15, 1999 is deadline for application.

      Associate Vice Chancellor Kroepfl then spoke about retention.  So far we have highest retention rate among other campuses except Bloomington.

      Kathryn Lantz is now Acting Director of Admissions & Financial Aid.  Now trying to fill Ms. Lantz's position in telemarketing.  We are also in negotiation with some Career Placement positions.

    Chair's Business
    1. United Way
        Professor Hass showed a short video about United Way and reminded us that November 28, 1999 is the deadline.
    2. UFC - report by Professor Tolhuizen, University Faculty Council Home Page
      1. Board of Trustees is reevaluating TERA system
      2. Inter Campus Transfer
          At this point we have less problems with transferability of introductory course then upper level.  The larger campuses are going to insist on which courses will count of not count in their programs.  Most of our courses will transfer but question is will the credit count towards a degree.
      3. Service Learning
          At next Faculty Organization meeting someone will talk about Service Learning.
      4. Board of Review
          Shortly a nomination form will be sent for faculty members to serve on Board of Review.  Once nominations are in a ballot will then be sent.  The new members will serve from February 2000 to February 2001.
    Committee reports
    1. Library
        Library Budget was presented and approved.
    2. Constitution
        A discussion was conducted.  Following discussion the Organization was reminded of the procedure that will be followed.
    3. A ballot will be sent to vote on whether you want Faculty Organization or Faculty Senate.  This vote will be a straight vote, i.e., majority rules.  (We need at least 100 votes.)
    4. Another ballot will then be sent to ratify the appropriate for the selection.  This vote must be a 2/3 majority of this voting for ratification.  Appreciation was extended to the Constitutional Revision Committee for all their hard work.  Whatever we select (Organizational or Senate) it will not become effective until next Academic year.

    Old Business


    New Business

      Professor Scott explained the situation with Bloomington and the dilemma that Vice Chancellor of Technology has.  He emphasized that V.C. needs to know our opinion immediately Professor Hug made the following recommendations.
        The Faculty Organization refer the matter to the Computer Committee and we are to go along with their recommendation.  Recommendation was accepted.


      Meeting adjourned at 2:56 p.m.
Submitted by Florence Sawicki, Secretary

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