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 January 22, 1999

I/II. Call to Order/Approval of the Minutes

Jim Tolhuizen, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. The November minutes were approved as distributed.

III. Tribute to Dr. Inma Myers (see attached)

VI. Chancellor's Business

  1. Dean of Education. Dr. Stanley Wigle of the University of Tennessee at Martin has accepted the position. He has already spent several days on campus and produced a report for the Administration.
  2. Scholarship Gala. This year's event netted a record setting $70,000, with over $500,000 pledged. The endowment is now at $6 million, and the Gala already has a sponsor for next year. Forty-two (42) scholarships have been awarded, and two full scholarships for medical education are being planned.



    Fac: can unclaimed scholarship monies be used for overseas student travel?

    Chan: once a scholarship has been accepted the money may be used for overseas study. We could start a new scholarship, with your help, for overseas study. Unclaimed money is put back into the scholarship to make it larger.

    Fac: what about matching funds from Bloomington for overseas study? We need more of an incentive.

  4. Community College. The Governor wishes to start community colleges and has proposed a system in which three areas, without IU campuses, would be chosen. Ivy Tech would return to its role of technical/vocational education, and Vincennes University would handle the general education at the colleges. $5 million has been set aside to begin this project.
  5. Merger with Purdue Calumet. The idea was initiated by area businessmen and discussed at length in the Hammond Times. President Brand opposes the idea, and does not believe it would serve the Gary community. The President is committed to IUN, investing monies in advertising and enrollment analysis.
  6. Buildings. Current construction is proceeding slower than expected. The child care center is planned across 35th Street. The Professional/Medical Building is on the Commission's working list.
  7. Budget. The Commission has presented the University with a workable budget, however the Governor's proposal is considerably lower. Some negotiation will be necessary.
V. Vice Chancellor's Business
  1. Polish Studies Center. Lech Walesa will be visiting the campus May 8th , and several cultural events are planned. A call for papers has been issued, and sponsors are being sought.
  2. Enrollment Analysis. Several efforts to study the issue were undertaken, however the involvement of professionals will add structure and organization to the effort. Student and employee satisfaction surveys are planned.
  3. Service and Research Awards. A notice regarding the awards will be distributed next week, and the luncheon is scheduled for April 21st.
  4. Commencement. May 13th. Faculty are encouraged to attend, as the event is very important to students. Caps and Gowns may be rented in mid February.
VI. Associate Vice Chancellor's Business.
  1. Enrollment Report. Distributed a statistical synopsis of undergraduate enrollment comparing Spring 1999 with last year. Undergraduate credit hours are down 2%, and graduate hours are down 2.7%. Enrollment is down 2%. It is vital that faculty be involved in recruitment, enrollment, and retention.
VII. Chair's Business.
  1. Thank You. The Chair thanked Linda Rooda, past Chair, for her cooperation and assistance during the mid-year transition.
  2. Post Tenure Review. The Faculty Affairs Committee should have something to present next month.
  3. New Constitution. The Constitution Committee has two drafts almost completed. The faculty is encouraged to provide input.
  4. Kokomo Chancellor Search Committee. Barry Johnston has agreed to be nominated.
VIII. Committee Reports.
  1. Constitution Committee--A. Rominger. Faculty Board of Review bylaws change comes moved and seconded.


    Fac: what type of vote is needed to amend the bylaws?

    Fac: isn't a mail ballot required?

    Parliamentarian: there is nothing in the Constitution or Bylaws specifying what is needed to amend the bylaws, therefore Robert's Rules must be followed. The Rules call for a two-thirds majority of those voting today.

    Fac: who is the final arbitrator of what constitutes on "conflicting interest?"

    Rominger: most likely one of the parties involved in a case would raise the issue and the Board of Review would have the final decision.

    Fac: what do these changes add?

    Rominger: adds a definition of what type of things may constitute a conflict and a measure by which to determine if a conflict exists. It changes the role of the Board from "may determine" to "shall determine".

    Fac: I don't know if this really fixes the problem of personal/professional conflicts, but there doesn't seem to be a clear way to make the situation full proof.

    Fac: this could draw out the process, with parties alternating between objections to Board members.

    Fac: it is important to note, that this may not always apply. These changes make us all more self-conscious and make the process more fair.

    The question was called and the motion passed: 37 in favor, 0 opposed.

XI. Old Business--none.

X. New Business--none.

XI. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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