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September 24, 1999

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 1:22
Approval of April 1999 minutes
Motion was made and seconded to approve minutes.  Minutes were approved as submitted.
Chancellor's Business
Lastly he spoke about a recent article in the Phoenix.   He mentioned he is discussing the article with students as well as faculty.  He did point out that we cannot practice censorship but we can advise.
Vice Chancellor's Business
Marilyn reminded faculty of deadline dates:
October 1  for Graduate Faculty Application
October 15 Summer Faculty Fellowship
The TERA program will be reviewed this year and sometime in November there will be a survey coming out.
New Faculty members were then introduced by the appropriate Deans/Directors
Associate Vice Chancellor's Business
John passed out enrollment information.  He then went on to mention that a search is starting for Director of Admissions.  Work is underway to evaluate assessment instruments.

Noel Levitz conducted a workshop on advising and about 40 faculty members attended.

Chair's Business
  1. United Way - Robin-Hass
    At our next faculty meeting we will see a four minute video about United Way
  1. Human Subjects Committee - Mary Ann Fisher
    Mary Ann could not be in attendance but will speak at next faculty organization meeting.   Jim T. mentioned that All Human Subjects must be reviewed whether funded or not.  It is imperative that all research related to Human Subjects be reviewed otherwise we could be shut down!
UFC Report - Paul Blohm University Faculty Council Home Page
    Paul highlighted some points made in President  Brand's speech at the first University Faculty Council meeting in Bloomington.
    1. Quality vs. quantity at smaller campuses
    2. State funding for student support, Indiana is ranked 9th in Big 10
    3. IU has receive grants/contracts up to $234 million
    4. IU Foundation assets at $1  Billion dollars
    5. Encourages campuses to give proper weight for salary increments to teaching
    6. Need to focus more on student graduation rates.  IUN at 20%
    7. Focus on fair compensation for non-tenured faculty
    8. More focus on teacher education and school improvement
    9. Community college system - must convince state leaders that the strengths of IU should not be sacrificed at the expense of an emergent community college system
    10. Focus on IU teamwork over campus competition
    11. TERA is being reviewed and there is interest in keeping it in some form
Committee Reports
Constitutional Revision Committee - Anna Rominger
Anna mentioned that copies of both constitutions were on the web;
Faculty Organization Constitution

Faculty Senate Constitution

The second reading of constitutions will be held and the October faculty organization meeting.  At this time faculty will be able to voice their opinions and then we will proceed with a mail ballot.  Once this choice is made then another ballot for ratification, requiring a 2/3 majority of faculty members who vote, will be held.
Jim T. requested a motion for adjournment.  Meeting was adjourned at 3:05
Submitted by Florence Sawicki, Secretary

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