Be it resolved that in the new Constitution:

1.    The  right to attend and speak in Faculty Organization meetings, and to vote in elections shall be extended  to all voting Faculty including  Administrators holding faculty rank.

2.    The  right  hold Faculty Organization offices shall be  extended  to all voting Faculty except  Administrators holding faculty rank.

3.    Representation on the Executive Committee shall be extended to the all academic units and  the Library.

4.     Three members of the Executive Committee shall  be elected at large.

5.   The term of office for Faculty Organization officers shall be two years.

6.   The elected officers of the Faculty Organization shall include, a President, a Vice-  President, a  Secretary, and  the Representative to the University Faculty Council.

 7.   Chairpersons of all standing committees are responsible for keeping a file of committee       minutes and correspondence and delivering copies of these to the Central Repository.          Committee chairpersons shall be required to compile a year-end report that includes a          description of the work carried out by the committee and an assessment of how they       carried out their  work.

 8.   The Library be designated as the  Central Repository to archive Faculty Organization      records.

 9.   Faculty Organization  meetings shall be open to all faculty, students, and staff of Indiana    University.

10.    An agenda of the regular Faculty Organization  meetings shall be published on campus and  items to be discussed and voted  upon shall be limited to those items listed on said agenda.

11.   The President of the Faculty Organization can call a special  meeting of the Faculty Organization with one week notice to the faculty.

12.  The agenda for a regular Faculty Organization meeting shall be published at least forty-eight hours before the meeting.

13.    The President of the Faculty Organization call a special Executive Committee meeting with at least forty-eight ( twenty-four) hour notice to the members.

14.   Quorum at regular and special Faculty Organization meetings shall be set at forty members of the Faculty.

15.   The quorum at regular and special meetings of the Executive Committee shall be set at fifty-one percent of the elected members.

16.   The Agenda Committee shall be eliminated and the power to create the meeting agendas  shall  be transferred to the Executive Committee.

17.   The Faculty Organization and the Executive Committee shall move into executive session when confidential matters that pertain to named individuals will be discussed . Any voting shall be conducted in an open session.

18.   The President of the Faculty Organization or the Chancellor can call a Faculty assembly  to discuss issues  with the faculty. No voting will take place at such assemblies.

19.    The Constitution can be amended if  two thirds of those faculty voting by mail ballot vote in favor of the amendment.

20.    The adoption of the new Constitution revokes all other Constitutions.

21.   The Constitution will be adopted if two-thirds of those faculty voting by mail ballot vote in favor of  the Constitution.

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