First Tier Salary Committee Resolution
Proposed and Passed April 1998

In the near future, IUN will be hiring at least six administrators who will have faculty appointments. The Salary Committee sees this as an opportune time for the campus to review its salary policy for administrators. We strongly recommend that a new policy be adopted for all such future administrative appointments with tenure and faculty rank. Ordinarily, these people do not leave their administrative position to return to the faculty, some do, and the extra administrative stipend (beyond their twelve month rather than ten-month salary) would be significant in the context of the current tight budgetary constraints and does represent potential faculty positions.

We urge the campus to take this opportunity to formulate a policy whereby newly hired administrators who return to faculty ranks would not retain the additional money they received as administrators. Our intention is to see them return at faculty salaries that would be generously calculated to include the annual raises and equity adjustments they would have expected as faculty. While specific details would have to be worked out, we expect that while such persons remain in their administrative positions, their fringe benefits would be calculated on their entire salary including their administrative stipend. Such a policy is in effect at both IU-East, the IU School of Nursing (excluding IUN) and other universities outside the IU system.

We therefore move that this campus adopt a salary policy for all future administrative appointees with tenured faculty rank that specifies that such administrators who chose to leave their administrative post and return to their faculty slots should not retain their administrative salaries/stipends but should return to their faculty salaries plus any added annual raises or equity adjustments.

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