IUN Faculty Organization
Constitution Committee Resolution
September 1998
Approved: 38 in favor, 28 opposed.

The Constitution Committee is considering drafting a new IUN Constitution that would create a Faculty Senate. At this time we are gathering constitutions from Faculty Councils throughout the IU system that have faculty senates. Further, we are talking to people throughout the system to determine why they chose this method of governance and how it has served their campus. Before we begin the work of drafting a new constitution, we would like to know if the Faculty Organization supports, in theory, the creation of a Faculty Senate. If so, we will proceed to draft a document that will be presented to that body for debate.

In order to determine if the Faculty Organization supports an effort to develop a faculty senate, the Constitution Committee [presents the following:]

RESOLVED: The Faculty Organization directs the Constitution Committee to consider whether a Faculty Senate would be preferable form of faculty governance.

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