Budgetary Affairs Committee Resolutions
Proposed and Passed April 1998

The Budgetary Affairs Committee presents the following resolution:

Be it resolved by the Faculty Organization of Indiana University Northwest

  1. That an ad hoc joint administration-faculty committee be appointed for the 1998-99 academic year, to consist of:
  2. That this committee be charged with developing, for internal management purposes at Indiana University Northwest an accounting system which provides information about the relationship between costs and specific programmatic activities of the University (such as faculty and staff development).
Rationale: The current budgeting and reporting system, emphasizing as it does line-item budget items such as salaries, fringe benefits, supplies, etc., and the distribution of these items among academic units and administrative offices of the University, does not permit the University to track adequately its support for various activities, especially when those activities cut across units and offices.

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