Draft Statement from the Faculty Affairs Committee

February 1998

The faculty at Indiana University Northwest reject the concept of the post-tenure review proposal as being a cost-effective means of addressing the issue of continuing professional development of tenured faculty. This proposal calls for an additional layer of review by faculty, and serves the purpose of requiring tenured faculty to rejustify retention on an annual basis.

However, the existing faculty annual report should be the appropriate tool by which to initiate the annual performance evaluation process for all faculty, tenured and non-tenured alike. We refer to the "Condition of work" as stated in the 1997 Academic Handbook, page 75, which requires all faculty members and librarians to report annually on their professional activities and accomplishments for that given year.

Upon reviewing such reports in concert with the faculty, if additional guidance and support might be useful to assist faculty to achieve their professional goals, then the department chair may recommend that the vice-chancellor initiate a professional development process. This process should be confidential, mutually recognized by both the vice-chancellor and the faculty in question as advisable, and supported by institutional resources. Such a process protects academic freedom as well as privacy, as it supports faculty at all levels of their professional development.

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