IUN Faculty Organization Resolutions
Proposed and Passed October 1997

1. The Faculty Organization urges a revision of the current practice for all new administrative appointments. Administrators (interim or otherwise) who have tenured faculty appointments and return to their faculty positions should not retain their administrative salaries/stipends; they should return to their faculty salaries plus any additional annual raises or equity adjustments. The salaries of all faculty serving as administrators should be their faculty salary, adjusted to twelve months, plus an administrative stipend--that stays with the position, not the person.

2. The Faculty Organization urges the Board of Trustees of Indiana University to extend 100% tuition remission to the dependent children al all employees. Such a benefit would put Indiana University on par with other institutions of higher education both inside and outside the state of Indiana and enhance the University's recruiting abilities.

3. The Faculty Organization urges that the First Tier Salary Committee be elected early in the Fall each year and asked to accomplish its ongoing charge of recommending policy salary increments and equity and that it present a written report to the faculty in March.

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