2/28/97 Meeting of the
IUN Faculty Organization
Computer Committee

Present: G. Assibey-Mensah, D. Blaney, K. Brock, N. DeLeon, W. Dorin, J. Gerzema, I. Hozo, R. Kini, B. Scott (Chair), D. Szarkowicz (for J. Knapp), R. Andree (guest), B. Moran (guest).

Absent: E. Rykken.

The meeting began at 1:30 p.m.

  1. Questions addressed to the Computer Committee from the IUN Faculty Organization Executive Committee. Robert Andree, Director of Computer Services, was present to answer questions concerning his unit.
  2. Campus Computer Upgrade Process Vice Chancellor Moran offered to summarize the process for the computer upgrade for us, as Dr. Veeder was unavailable at this time to attend the meeting.It has been concluded that the target for the upgrade process is to bring all faculty computers up to a 486-66+ with a minimum of 8 megabytes of RAM and a 400 MB hard drive. Requests submitted through the Deans for Equipment more sophisticated that this would be handled on a case by case basis requiring written justification for the need. The original target was to be a 386-33 for all faculty, but a Technology Fee Committee decision to upgrade the PC labs to Pentium standards has released 65 486-66+ motherboards and memory for installation into faculty/staff machines. The timetable of this process is uncertain. The laboratory refits are tentatively scheduled to take place over Spring Break, if equipment can be acquired fast enough. If successful, then the faculty upgrades can begin. The upgrade will take place in stages, as so many machines are involved. It is expected that this process will carry well into the summer.
  3. Laboratory configuration for MacIntosh Laboratories for the 1997-8 academic year. After much discussing, the committee concluded that the following should be the configuration of MacIntosh laboratories for the coming year:
    1. Clarisworks 4.04 (upgraded to from 2.3)
    2. Daedalus
    3. Adobe illustrator
    4. Wordperfect for Macintosh 3.1
    5. Netscape
    6. Internet Explorer
    7. Pegasus Mail
    8. Microsoft Office Pro 97 for MacIntosh
    9. Cricket Graph
    10. Mathematica 3.0 (upgrade)
    No new licenses were needed for any software at this time, only upgrades of Clarisworks and Mathematica.
      The meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

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