A Resolution Supporting a Program for Preventing
Sexual Harassment at Indiana University Northwest

The Faculty of Indiana University Northwest reaffirms the policy of Indiana University on sexual harassment and, in doing so, emphasizes

  1. That any occurrence of sexual harassment at the University is unacceptable. Sexual harassment creates an environment in which student learning is made more difficult and in which the working relationships between faculty, staff, and students are damaged;
  2. That charges of sexual harassment can result in damage to an individual's career;
  3. That prevention of sexual harassment and protection of the rights of individuals both require that all employees of Indiana University Northwest understand the issues surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace and have a thorough understanding of their rights and responsibilities with respect to helping prevent sexual harassment in the workplace; and
  4. That achieving the objective of understanding sexual harassment in the workplace requires an active and on-going training and educational effort by the University that involves all the employees of Indiana University Northwest.

    Therefore, the Faculty Organization of Indiana University Northwest is resolved that

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