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September 20, 1996

  1. Call to Order/Approval of Minutes
    Chair Don Coffin called the meeting to order at 10:00am. The minutes of April 19, 1996 were approved as distributed.
  2. Chancellor's Business
    The Chancellor is attending a Board of Trustees meeting.
  3. Vice Chancellor's Business
  4. External Affairs. Bev Pankey reported on recent fundraising activities. The summer golf tournament netted $13,500 and projections for the Scholarship Gala are $23,000-30,000. A phone-a-thon utilizing Bloomington personnel will be conducted in October. A citizen award is planned.
  5. Student Affairs. The successful funding for the child care center was reiterated. The University Division (UD) is looking for volunteers and ideas to start a mentoring program for UD students. If interested, please contact Barbara Cope's office.
  6. Chair's Business
  7. Old Business--none.
  8. New Business. Should an ad hoc committee be formed to address concerns with the Bookstore or should the issue be referred to an existing committee?

    Dave Strupek motioned that the issue be referred to the to Student Affairs Committee. Fred Chary seconded.

    Patti Lorimer-Lundberg moved to amend the motion to include referral of bookstore issues to both the Student Affairs and Faculty Affairs Committees. The amendment was seconded and approved.

    The new motion: to refer concerns about the Bookstore to the Faculty Affairs and Student Affairs Committee. This was seconded and approved.

  9. Adjournment
    Chair Don Coffin adjourned the meeting at 11:30am.

    Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary


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