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March 5, 2010



    LIBRARY 140A

    1.       Approval of the minutes of February 5, 2010

    The meeting was called to order at 12:04p by Dr. Gallmeier.   The minutes from the previous Executive Committee meeting were approved by unanimous voice vote.

    2.       President�s Announcements:  

    a.       2010 Board of Review Election

     The elections are now complete.  The board has 5 members and 2 alternates.  Some members may need to step down next year as a result of conflicts of interest.

               b.      March Elections Revisited

     Dr. Gallmeier will work with the elections committee.  All of the Faculty Organization officers are eligible for reelection this year.  Dr. Rasheed will take over for Dr. Koc as the School of Education representative for the rest of the year.  Dr. Yusef will resume these duties during the fall semester.

                c.       Chancellor Search Update

    The campus still has two candidates applying for the Chancellor position.  One has visited the campus and the second will come during the week of March 8th.

    Other Discussion

    Dr. Gallmeier will ask Chancellor Bergland to talk to Faculty Organization about the �Regional Campus Summit� meeting at the next Faculty Organization meeting.  Dr. Bergland has indicated that he is not happy with the moves toward centralization of control in Bloomington.  Dr. Gallmeier will ask Dr. Bergland to come to the Faculty Organization prepared to also talk about the  �creeping centralization� of many functions within the Bloomington Campus.

         d.  Budget Meetings

    The Budget Committee will review requests for funding and report by the end of March.  A member of the Faculty Organization Budgetary Committee attended all of the Budget Meetings.  No member attended during presentations related to their own unit, to avoid a conflict of interest.  Each member will report to Dr. Barr on what was observed and then a unified report will be presented to the Executive Committee and Faculty Organization.  (Expletives, all deleted, flew during this part of the discussion.)

    3.       Finals and Finals Week:  Legitimizing an Urban Legend

     A resolution needs to be written so that the final exams only fall during finals week, and not during the last week of classes.  The current unwritten policy is that you cannot have any exam, especially final exams, during the last week of classes.  The current question is whether to create a written policy to formalize this process.  Dr. Gallmeier suggested that we need a policy in order to standardize the setting to give the final exam when it is scheduled, or decide not to do this and just ignore exams given at a previous time in the semester. 

     The committee members worked to rough out an initial proposal during the meeting.

     The initial policy proposal, which will receive some polishing before presentation to the Faculty Organization, passed unanimously by voice vote. 

    4.       Constitution Committee Recommendations

     The Constitutional Committee has recommended that people serving in a 50% or greater administrative capacity be barred from service on certain Faculty Organization committees and as Faculty Organization Officers.

     This suggested modification means that IUN would not be in compliance with the Academic Handbook.  It also means that a number of people could not serve in multiple positions that they currently hold (e.g., Dr. Gallmeier).  Currently, anyone below the level of Dean can serve on multiple committees and as Faculty Organization officers. 

     The reasoning behind the 50% cut-score was not clear to the Executive Committee members.  The response to this was that the Constitution Committee felt that conflicts of interest would arise from people service in 50% time or more. 

     The report of the Constitution Committee must go to the Faculty Organization for discussion.

     Dr. Flint asked that the executive committee oppose the proposal.  This suggestion failed on a vote of 5 � 4, with 2 abstentions. 

     The motion will be brought to Faculty Organization in April and it would be followed by a mailed ballot. 

    5.       Old Business

     None discussed. 

    6.       New Business

     The April Executive Committee will examine the proposed academic bankruptcy policy next month.  Dr. O�Dell will be invited to come and explain the policy.  Dr. Evans will also be invited to attend in order to explain the Academic Affairs response to the proposal.

     The meeting was adjourned at 2:04p.













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