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Executive Committee Minutes

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September 4, 2009


     Time:  12:00-2:00

    Location:  Library 140A

    Attending: Gallmeier, Bodmer, Delunas, Doran, Flint, Z. Kilibarda, Kini, Koc, Szarleta, Tolhuizen, Vinodgopal Guests attending: Van Gordon, Malik

    Meeting called to order noon.

    I. Pres. announcements

    1. First meeting of search committee for chancellor, 17 Sept., chair Edwin Marshall VP Diversity Equity and Multi-Cultural Affairs in Bloomington. Pres.
    McRobbie will meet at IUN to charge the committee A. IUN fac. members: 12 names sent, Gallmeier, Ige, O�Dell, Delunas, Bala, Schoon (Z.Kilibarda notes
    that there is a lack of non-administrative faculty; Prof. Kilibarda objects to the make up)

    2. Dr. William Cast now the president of the Board of Trustees

    3. 2 Fac. Board of Review cases upcoming

    4. Committee assignments sent out

    5. 3 committees may be active this year: Fac. Affairs committee, Constitution committee, Budget committee

    6. Changes in SPEA

    A. Director moved to the World Bank

    B. Political Science moving to A & S

    II. Beth Van Gordon

    A. Enjoyed her time at this campus, has appreciated the cooperation

    B. May technology meeting: faculty would like to know about technology but don�t have time to sit in classroom: standing Fac. Org. �Tech Tips�--5 minutes

    C. Perhaps it will be available as a podcast

    D. Bodmer complained about 4 additional computers added to computer writing classrooms, over 24, without proper academic discussion

    III. VCAA Malik

    A. 50 % rule, if you lose a staff position you only get 50 % to rehire

    B. Lost 50 % travel funds

    C. Can put funds back in travel, fac. travel and fund raising travel

    D. State cut budget but backfilled it with stimulus money, so when stimulus funds go away and there will be an actual cut in education funding, think
    legislature will not restore the funds

    E. Legislature about to tell us what more in the base budget will have to be set aside, in reserve, will be less than million--but more than $ 500,000.

    F. In the spirit of RCM, a lot of this will go to deans for decisions. What can you cut.

    G. Malik will fight for faculty lines, maybe 7 or 8 positions.

    H. We have to pay the $ 200/per instate student rebate out of the budget.

    I. Big income increase from new students, as cash, but not base, expect $ 1.5 million. Is it sustainable and can it be converted into next year�s base?

    J. Engage faculty more in reappointments, new policy

    1. Vinod: tenure begins actually the 7th year, so should not be allowed for P & T committee; would like that clarified 2. Malik says there is not IU policy

    3. UFC has been trying to regularize this

    [Reappointment and Initial Appointment Calendar. Faculty input will be sought in the input stream for faculty reappointments (and Third Year Reviews)

    Tentative Initial and Reappointment schedule Initial appointment: 2 years for untenured faculty Reappointment decision in Spring of Second Year for fourth
    year �Third Year Review� occurs in Spring of third year Reappointment recommendation in Spring of third year for fifth year Reappointment recommendation in Spring of fourth year for sixth year Reappointment recommendation in Spring of fifth year for seventh year Tenure review begins in fall of sixth year, concluding by May of that year. the seventh year reappointment has already occurred. Tenure takes effect on July 1, after concluding the seventh year.]

    K. SPEA/ Political Science

    1. Lost the director
    2. Met with SPEA faculty, still no merger with CHHS 3. Political Science granting degrees in A & S, and joined COAS.  Income generated by Political Science will go to COAS, although SPEA�s money was not reduced 4. Vinod: asks will Economics join COAS? (would threaten accreditation) 5. Bankston will temporarily lead SPEA

    L. Continuing Studies will be free standing and will be expected to generate money through courses; Delunas: isn�t there a Continuing Studies �plan� with money for planning?

    1. Prof. Scott should report on this at the Sept. Fac. Org. meeting

    M. We need an Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness and Research, a staff position which will reside in Academic Affairs, as proposed to the present part-time responsibility

    N. The centers are being charged with producing reports on valued added to the campus, and are under RCM. It continues to trouble people the amount of funding on our campus, vis a vis other campuses, which have 50 % positions.

    O. Close to acquiring hard key access to buildings

    P. External proposals, since May $ 5 million in proposals

    Q. Conflict of commitment, which will also be applied to staff

    [�Examples of possible Conflicts of Commitment that must be disclosed

            a. An outside professional activity that may substantially reduce the time available for the appointee to carry out the primary obligations of his or her appointment

            b. Teaching for another educational institution including online teaching

            c. Undertaking externally funded research activities where the financial sponsorship is managed entirely outside Indiana University

            d. Undertaking activities that compete, or have the potential to compete, with Indiana University in areas that are part of the appointee�s University

    R. New degrees
    Masters Degree of Liberal Studies will be considered by ICHE this month, Certificate in Management approved by the Academic Leadership Council and
    awaits final approval in AAR

    S. Procedures in Affirmative Action; group met this summer about the �purple book,� simplified and reduced bottlenecks; things will happen faster

    T. Comment on Emergency Planning--are there campus wide things that you can accommodate?

        IV. Discussion of Resolution for RCM--

            A. Do we have a stand? Vinod wonders why we should have a position on this, it�s an administrative decision, and we need to know more about it

             B. Far too early to decide if it�s good for us; we need specifics

             C. There is no mandate from the University for regional campuses to go with RCM

             D. Szarleta: Can some one come to Fac. Org. and discuss this planning with us?

            E. Gallmeier: troubling because discussion occurs as if it were in place already; what is the timeline for implementing?

            F. With a new chancellor and VCAA, will that affect this?

            G. How far down, to dean level, to schools, to departments, will this implementation apply? Will it hurt smaller departments?

        V. Send items for Fac. Org. agenda

        VI. Deans reviews--we should be involved

            A. Gallmeier passes out some procedures for us to look over and discuss at next month�s meeting

            B. Only 2 deans have been in place for more than 5 years and eligible for review, Rominger and Wigle

        VII. CHHS Representation on Executive Committee and Campus P & T

            A. Vinod: one person per division for Executive Com. so one member is proper

            B. For All University P & T committee, COAS has 3 representatives

            C. Constitutional Committee needs to change Constitution to 2 from CHHS

        VI. Meeting adjourned 2:03 p.m.










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