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March 6, 2009


Members Present � Chuck Gallmeier, Linda Delunas, Don Coffin, Arena Stevens, Ranjan Kini, Cynthia O�Dell, George Bodmer, Sam Flint, Frank Caucci

    Time: 12:00-2:00

    Location: LCC 140A

    Call to Order: 12:02 p.m.

    1.      Minutes approved

    2.      UFC Agenda Committee � Discussion of Memorandum on Executive Review/Summary Dossiers � McRobbie indicated this is a fair process and will result in less conflict with the regionals.  Several faculty expressed continued concern with the summary dossiers and executive review process. 

    a.     Suggestion � could the regionals meet prior to UFC meetings to discuss issues that are relevant to the regionals.  Perhaps the Agenda committee of the UFC could serve this role.  Or perhaps a conference call with all of the Fac Org Presidents could work as well.  Regional Campus Caucus.

    3.      Officers of Faculty Organization and administrative status � President has been approached by several faculty members regarding this issue.   Ask the Constitutional Review Committee to look at the clause related to this issue in the Constitution and make a recommendation. 

    4.       Change of Grade Proposal � send to Academic Affairs Committee for a recommendation

    5.      Chancellor Bergland

    a.     Budget � still don�t know what will happen

                                                                   i.      Budget Town Hall meetings are the suggested venue for sharing the information as received

                                                                 ii.      J. Buher and MaryAnne Milich working on budget

                                                                iii.      Support for Tamarack extremely strong downstate; Q- why doesn�t insurance cover it?  Not sure exactly, but do know insurance won�t cover it � can try to find out why that is the case?

                                                              iv.      Temporary replacement � current plan is rentals and Medical Arts Building

                                                               v.      There is also some land available nearby that we may be able to purchase if land money remains in the land acquisition budget for IU

                                                              vi.      Hospital � press conference held by Methodist � wanted to be on record as supporting the new facility though nothing more concrete than that at this point, Charlie Brown very supportive of this

                                                            vii.      Trustee Liaison � William Cast  �would like to invite him to meet with us  at the April meeting of the Executive Committee April 3, 2009

                                                           viii.      Board of Trustees will meet in the summer  here at IUN

                                                               ix.      Floors in front and back of LCC � installation is incorrect and has to be redone and so the renovations will continue

                                                                 x.      Access to the Dunes Professional Building � solution will be that it will be open and a Security Person (paid for by CHHS) will be guard a door to ensure security; what about everyone else?  Where we are headed is keyless entry. 

    6.       VCAA Malik

    a.     Include EVC Report provided

    b.     Academic Affairs � working with OVPR on stimulus funding; Scholarships � Bloomington has under 50,000 go free � working with Dev. � can we do this or something like this?

                                                                   i.      Cobble together funds they have for scholarships and Pell Grants and then the deficit would be covered by campus � merit based as well as need based

    c.      Equity - $150,000.00 � M. Milich doesn�t know where the money will come from but VCAA Malik and Chancellor Bergland are committed to Part II of equity adjustments

    d.     RCM -  Institute a Budget Hearing model � Deans report to defend their RCM decisions (report on priorities from last year and accomplishments, followed by their priorities for next cycle)

    e.     P&T � can we leave out the annual reviews?  Change in Goldenrod? External Reviews are the focal point of evaluation (who are they, make sure they have no connection with the candidate)

    7.       Old Business �

    a.     Spring Break Homework � academic excellence document � discuss in April

    b.     Lecturers - Faculty Affairs will take up L. Karabel�s proposal in the next month. 

    8.       Adjourn at 2:00 p.m. 








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