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December 5, 2008




    Members Present: Chuck Gallmeier (Presiding), George Bodmer, Iztok Hozo, Jim Tolhuizen, Linda Delunas, Arlene Adler, Sam Flint, Cynthia O�Dell, Paul Blohm, Bill Dorin, Arena Stevens, Ellen Szarlet

    Time: 12:00-2:00

    Location: LCC 140A

    Call to Order: 12:07 p.m. 

    I.          Approval of the minutes of November 7, 2008 

    Minutes of the November 7th meeting approved unanimously.  

    II.        President�s Announcements 

    A.        President McRobbie�s visit is rescheduled tentatively for February 2, 2008.  The delegation will consist of the President of the Faculty Organization, 3 faculty members and Dr. Bill Plater.  It is possible that Dr. Plater will be replaced with the new VCAA.  Representatives indicated that teaching schedules make a Monday meeting difficult and the president stated he would look into a Tuesday or Thursday meeting.  The composition of the faculty representation was also discussed.  Prof. Delunas suggests Prof. Skurka represent the medical school and Prof. Flint indicates he would be willing to attend to represent SPEA. 

    III.       Joint Faculty/Administrative P&T Committee Recommendations (attached) 

    Prof. Bodmer reports on the status of the committee recommendations. The draft is now available and will be presented to the UFC in January.  The document suggests that instead of sending the entire portfolio to IU Bloomington (IUB) that the most relevant information would be selected and sent to down to IUB.  

    Pres. Gallmeier indicates that one problem with the proposal is that the ratings of the portfolios differ by campus.  Some campus rate faculty on the basis of 4 categories while others use 5 categories, and the distinctions are not easily understood.  Prof. Tolhuizen indicates there is also some confusion on the standards for the balanced case.  Prof. Bodmer points out that lecturers are not included in the draft and the procedures for lecturers will be addressed in another document.  Prof. Delunas asks a question regarding the composition of the committee as outlined in #5 of the document. Prof. Tolhuizen states that the candidate should have a voice in the process of choosing of materials that are sent to IUB.

    Pres. Gallmeier indicates that the committee is looking for these types of questions and concerns.

     IV.  AQIP Process Mapping � Faculty Hiring (Handout) 

    Pres. Gallmeier reports that AQIP wants to be able to submit the process map as attached.  They need to have feedback on the map by December 8, 2008.  A discussion ensues and Prof. Delunas suggests that steps 16-22 need to have time limits imposed to avoid delays in hiring. Time limits are also needed in steps 29 and 30.  Prof. Hozo points to missing text and font problems in the map, and expresses concern regarding the current process of hiring for positions in A&S.   Prof. Bodmer states that the interviews are typically held in spring and that candidate selection is limited at this time. Pres. Gallmeier states that the AQIP process map is not ready for submission. 

    V.  Chancellor Bergland � 12:30 

    The Chancellor addresses the following issues: 

    1.  The three proposals for degrees have moved forward and are on the agenda for meeting to be held this week.  

    2.  The Tamarack Planning Committee is meeting and progress has been made.  They will be meeting again on December 8, 2008. 

    3.  Jim Buher of SPEA Bloomington will be working with Marianne Milich to rigorously analyze the budget.  He will continue to work on this project for as long as it takes to complete.    

    4.  Modular buildings are being considered as temporary replacements for faculty etc. displaced as a result of the flood.  They may be located across Broadway because utility connections exist in that location.  Risk management will be assuming the cost of this initiative and IUN will not be responsible for these expenditures. 

    5.  The owner of the Dairy Queen (DQ) on Broadway is interested in selling the property to IUN.  The advantage is that we could have access to the Westside of Broadway down to the U-Haul but we also have to be concerned with public reaction to the fact that the DQ would be closed.  

    6.  The Chancellor wants the committee to know that he sent an email regarding his inability to attend Convocation. 

    Faculty ask the following questions: 

    1. Prof. Bodmer asks if the salaries of the Center Directors were restored and the Chancellor states that they were restored.  Prof. Bodmer expresses concern that the faculty worked hard on finding a way to meet shortfalls and now we are in the same position. He states that a good solution (salary reductions) was provided to the problem.  Pres. Gallmeier asks how the action can be justified.  The Chancellor responds that given the circumstances it was decided that the best solution would be to restore salaries but that adjustments could still be made in the future. 

    2. Prof. Tolhuizen asks what progress has been made in restoring finding facilities for theatre and music performances.  The Chancellor indicates that a committee is working on this issue and that he hears a theatre in Hammond, and well as theatres in the Merrillville School district have been offered as alternative sites.  Westside High School�s theatre is also being discussed as a possible replacement, as well as the creation of a black box theatre in the old dental building.  Prof. O�Dell points out that ADA compliance must be addressed if the dental building is used and non-load bearing walls are eliminated. 

    3.  Prof. Hozo reports that an AAUP peer institution will likely be censored and asks if we should still keep this institution on our peer list if this does occur. Chancellor indicates he is open to a re-evaluation of our peer institutions and given the possible censorship we should be concerned about the integrity of our institution.  Prof. Tolhuizen suggests a replacement could be made and the Chancellor states that there really are few institutions that are similar in nature to IUN.

     VI.  Interim VCAA Candidate David Malik � 1:00 

    Pres. Gallmeier states that Candidate Malik requested to meet with the committee.  The committee questions candidate Malik as follows:

     1.  Prof. Dorin asks what the candidate would do to advance the CIS program.  Prof. Malik asks questions regarding current enrollment, scheduling etc. and then suggests that public relations can be helpful in building a program.  He suggests targeting a specific group of potential students that might be located close to the campus.  He states that investments in the program could be made with a high probability of success but it may mean more footwork.  He details the example of the forensics program at IUPUI.  He also suggests that selective application can be helpful. Another strategy that can be pursued is the creation of a faculty core in place of a department to save on administrative costs.  

    2. Prof. Delunas asks the candidate why he would like to come to this campus for an interim position.  Prof. Malik states that he is in the 18/20 program, and that he has a few years left.   He believes there is no better time to come into a program/school than when problems need to be addressed.  He wants to assist in the effort to solve the problems and relates his experience in reinvigorating a department on his campus. He said he recognized that by bringing faculty together he could make the department successful and the strategy worked.  He believes the IUN position is an opportunity to rethink how things are done and to help build a university.  

    4.  Prof. Bodmer asks where the candidate might begin in gathering input on the current situation and Prof. Malik states he would have to meet with different groups.  He states that we can�t look back, can�t lament the unchangeable and can�t lament the lack of funding.   He states that he comes from a RCM environment and that there are advantages and disadvantages to this form of financial management.  Prof. Delunas states that the current system at IU Northwest doesn�t bring any incentive to be creative.  Prof. Adler notes that this form of management has been explored in the past.  Prof. Malik states that flexibility is important.  He discusses more fully the budgetary issues at IUPUI and points out that in the RCM environment there are compromises.   

    5. Prof. Szarleta asks the candidate to speak to his experience in handling budgetary affairs and Prof. Malik indicates that he worked closely with former Pres. Brand on such issues. 

    6. Prof. Flint asks the candidate to elaborate on his past positions including this current job.  The candidate indicates he is involved in discussions regarding new degree proposals.  The university is moving away from the model where a single campus can stop a program.  He believes that competition between the campuses is a good think and that he can play a role in shaping campus policy in academic affairs.  The Commission is currently examining programs for termination but he is resisting these efforts.   

    7. Prof. Delunas asks the candidate what he would do to avoid being a placeholder and the candidate responds that he would get everyone on the same page.  He thinks it is important not to act as an �interim� and to get real change that everyone can believe in.

     VII .  Minority Studies Request 

    Prof. Contreras requests the executive committee to write a letter or statement on behalf of minority studies.  The letter would indicate support for the spirit of an agreement that was entered earlier in the year between minority studies and the Chancellor�s office.  Prof. Contreras states that per this agreement, Minority Studies was promised $18,000 to be housed in COAS for minority Studies initiatives to be held throughout the year.  After questions and discussions Prof. Tolhuizen suggests that the issue be brought to the Faculty Organization and Prof. Bodmer indicates that if a resolution is presented it could be addressed at the January faculty meeting.  Prof. Contreras indicates he was hoping something could be done sooner.   

    VI.       Old Business 


     VIII.    New Business   

    Prof. Adler announces that Prof. Caucci will be returning to the committee in January.  

    IX.  Adjournment at 2:05 p.m.









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