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October 10, 2008



    Members Present:, Chuck Gallmeier (Presiding), George Bodmer, Don Coffin, Iztok Hozo, Jim Tolhuizen, Linda Delunas, Arlene Adler (for Frank Caucci), Sam Flint, Cynthia O�Dell, Paul Blohm, Bill Dorin, Ellen Szarleta

    Time: 12:00-2:00

    Location: LCC 115

    Call to Order: 12:00 p.m.


    I.          Approval of the minutes of September 5, 2008

    Minutes of the September 5th meeting approved as corrected.

    II.        Chancellor Bergland � 12:00

    Chancellor Bergland reported on the status of the campus.   Included in the discussion was the announcement of the selection of J. Pellicciotti as the Vice Chancellor for Administration and P. Bankston as the Dean of the College of Health and Human Services.  In addition, the Chancellor indicated that he would be forming a new council to take the place of the cabinet and ECHO.   The council would be composed of the former cabinet, and faculty representatives including representation from the executive committee.   Discussion ensued on the purpose and effectiveness of such a council.  The committee members expressed concern regarding the ability of the council to work effectively given its size.

    III.       Faculty Representatives � Minority Studies � 12:30

    Representatives of the Minority Studies Program presented their concerns regarding the recent hiring/promotion activities on campus.  The concerns centered on the absence of a formal search and the fact that affirmative action procedures were not followed.  Many felt that the process followed by the administration demonstrated a lack of respect for procedures that have been instituted to ensure fairness in hiring practices.  After considerable discussion G. Bodmer proposed a resolution of the executive committee:

    �I move that Faculty strongly disapproves of the hiring of two new administrative positions without searches and strongly recommends that hiring for positions in the future will follow firmly established Affirmative Action rules and procedures.�

    The resolution was passed by the committee, and will be presented to the Faculty Organization at the October 17th, 2008 meeting.

    IV.       Elizabeth Van Gordon � Chief Information Officer � 1:00

    E. Van Gordon informed the committee of recent initiatives under way to develop the IUN network and website.   Two website prototypes were presented for review.   For each prototype E. Van Gordon indicated the improvements made from the current website.  The committee agreed that the second prototype presented was the best, and suggested that we move forward with this prototype for further development.  The information will also be presented at the October 17th Faculty Organization meeting.

    V.        Revisiting the Goldenrod

    Issues associated with revisiting the Goldenrod were discussed.  Committee members indicated that a similar initiative was addressed in the past and recommendations were made and implemented. It was also noted that revisiting the Goldenrod would take considerable time and commitment.  The absence, in the past, of a permanent Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs has limited the campus�s ability to move forward on this issue.

    VI.       Vice Provost Sarita Soni Visit � Selection of Executive Committee Members to attend � (December 10th)

    The Vice Provost will be visiting and Pres. C. Gallmeier will be selecting Executive Committee Members to attend the meeting.

    VII.     Invitation to Dr. William Cast to attend November Executive Committee Meeting � IUN Trustee

    Pres. C. Gallmeier announced that he will be extending an invitation Dr. William Cast, an IUN Trustee to attend the November Executive Committee meeting to discuss campus concerns, including hiring practices.

    VII.     Old Business � AQIP Working Group Category 5 � Process Mapping- Faculty Hiring.

     A brief discussion of the process mapping/hiring process was held on the issue of time delineation.   

     VIII.    New Business 


     IX.  Adjournment at 2:00 p.m.





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