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September 5, 2008


    Time:  12:00-2:00

    Library Conference Center L 140A 

    Members present: George Bodmer, Chuck Gallmeier (Presiding), Arena Stevens, Don Coffin, Bill Dorin, Iztok Hozo, Jim Tolhuizen, Linda Delunas, Arlene Adler (for Frank Caucci),  Sam Flint, Cynthia O�Dell, Paul Blohm 

     I.      Call to order at 12 p.m.

    Minutes from the April 4th meeting approved as corrected

    II.    President�s announcements

     Vinod resigned as secretary before even beginning.  Nominations for special election close on September 8th and election will be soon (Jean Poulard handling).  Linda Delunas kindly agreed to take minutes for this meeting only as a favor to Chuck and only because no one else would volunteer (as usual).

    President Gallmeier informed the committee that the Chancellor�s Town Hall meeting re: Budget will be held on September 17�time TBA.

    Gallmeier asked Committee members for input regarding the date of the Fac. Org. meetings related to conflict with BOT meeting in September and other conflicts later in the semester.  Discussion ensued regarding availability of administrators for meetings, timing of UFC, etc.  Decision made to change first meeting to September 26th and leave rest on third Friday as scheduled.

    Gallmeier stated that 08-09 Committee assignments are being finalized.

    III.   Promotion and Tenure issues

     Gallmeier thanked the committee for their input regarding CHHS representation on all-campus P & T in light of the fact that they have a dearth of tenured people.  All agreed it was up to the CHHS to determine their representatives but also that Faculty Affairs Committee needs to consider the issue of administrators serving on various Fac. Org. committees and perhaps revise the Constitution and/or the Goldenrod document.

    IV.   Gen. Ed./Assessment resolution:

     Resolutions to be submitted at the September 2008 Faculty Organization meeting:  Student Learning Outcomes for Principles 4 (Diversity) and 5 (Ethics and Citizenship).

     V.   Dean�s Review

    Gallmeier states that it is his responsibility to �get the ball rolling� on the review of Deans but that there is confusion about existing local or UFC policy and process.  Discussion ensued.

     VI.   Hiring process

    Draft of process map for hiring developed by AQIP Category 5 Working Group shared with Executive Committee.  Committee would like to see step 17 (CCD appoints member to serve) be time delineated as this is very often a hold-up.  Other discussion ensued and it was agreed to put this on the next Exec. Com. agenda.

     VII.   VCAA Dr. Aggrey

    Gallmeier thanked Dr. Aggrey for his leadership of the campus at this very difficult time surrounding the tragic death of Dr. Robin Hass Birky, especially in the context of the recent deaths also of George Adair and Dr. Terry Lucas. 

     Flint asked the VCAA to clarify the ICHE mandate on Associate Degree programs at IU.  VCAA stated that the decisions were made by ICHE with input from IU and that it is basically a done deal.  Discussion ensued.

     Gallmeier asked VCAA to address the rumor that start-up funds for CHHS were offered by IU but declined by the Chancellor and/or that IU Northwest did not ask IU for start-up funds for CHHS.  VCAA stated that funds were neither asked for nor offered.  Everyone wanted to know why and whether or not we still could ask.  Gallmeier agreed to find out how IUSB received money to start School of Informatics; Delunas stated she thought they used CTE money.

     VCAA asked Exec. Committee to get input from regional campus faculty regarding amount of research support and travel money provided to faculty.

     VCAA stated that some money from CRE (money previously used to pay stipends to the chairs of the two boards) will now be given as a line to COAS to support their annual Research Conference.  VCAA reiterated that money used by CRE to support �Fellows� is now soft money and should, in the future, be grant supported.

     VCAA talked about the establishment of the Robin Hass Birky Memorial Scholarship.  $10k needed for endowment.  Also stated there will be a later campus memorial for all three of our former colleagues and that Robin�s parents will be brought back to Indiana/the campus for the memorial.  VCAA stated that he has asked O�Dell and Delunas to begin working on a Faculty Org. resolution regarding a physical memorial/room naming and that he is checking on the requirements (if any) about room naming with V.P. Terry Clapacs.  There was concern voiced that this might make other people feel bad related to the other recent deaths.  VCAA responded that since Dr. Hass Birky was his direct report that it is totally appropriate for him to proceed in this manner.

     VIII.   Enrollment Reports�VCs Pellicciotti and Hodges

    Pellicciotti and Hodges attended Exec. Committee meeting to discuss the three task force reports that were recently released (on the Chancellor�s website).   They most specifically were addressing the retention and recruitment reports.  Delunas admitted she hadn�t had time to read the reports yet but specifically as to the recommendations regarding an �Advising Center� wanted assurance that the recommendations were evidenced-based and not simply ideas based on opinion (Hodges assured the committee that they were evidenced-based), and that the �Center� would consolidate existing student retention services and not simply add another layer while leaving existing services scattered (Hodges stated that was indeed the intention).  There was a lot of concern that this is simply a rehash of the old University Division and questions as to how it would differ, concern about how this �Center� would articulate with/funnel students to the various units.  There was discussion about the high price tag on some of the recommended priorities, especially those of CHHS.  Delunas asked that it be clear that those CHHS recommendations were copied verbatim from a report she and Bankston submitted to the task force and that they were given only one day�s notice by the task force to prepare the report.  VCs Pellicciotti and Hodges asked that comments on the reports be sent to Gallmeier who will compile and forward them back to them.  The VCs also stated that they will be attending the Dean�s Council meeting on September 9th to present the reports and gain feedback.

     IX.   Trustees Teaching Award Committee Recommendations

    Chair of the committee, Zoran Kilibarda presented recommendations for changes to the make-up of the committee, criteria and documentation for the award, and recommendation for a new award.  Much discussion ensured.  Members thanked Kilibarda for undertaking this much needed work and agreed to e-mail him their comments.

     VIII. Old business. 


     IX.   New business.


     X.   Adjournment at 2 p.m.

     Respectfully submitted,

     Linda R. Delunas










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