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April 4, 2008


    Faculty Organization Executive Committee

    Friday 4 April 2008, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

    Library Conference Center 124A


    Members present: George Bodmer, Vinod, Chuck Gallmeier, Arena Stevens, Don Coffman, Bill Dorin, Itzhok Hozo, Jim Tolhuizen, Linda Goolik, Robin Jones, Sam Flint, Tanice Foltz, Manoj Pahlaj


    I.                       Call to order



    II.                     President�s announcements


    Discussion about Academic Calendar discussion; no break between end of summer II and beginning of fall semester 2008-09; resolution to address this


    Resolution about Academic Learning commission was mentioned


    III.                   Administrative concerns, the vice chancellors and leadership



    George Bodmer asked about the state of the search for the Associate VCAA. Kwesi replied that it is under way. Chuck asked if there was a reason that the faculty wasn�t allowed to meet with the candidates and the answer was the recommendations came from the search committee. However, Kwesi said we�d have, but we�ll have to look at that in the future. George congratulated Kwesie for getting this done so quickly.




    IV.                     Gen. Ed./Assessment resolution:





    V.           Resolution from the Faculty Affairs committee � for Ap. 17

    Chuck Gallmeier Policy on P&T put forth by IUPUI, regarding going up for excellence in teaching; Don: need to establish policies that indicate we take excellence in teaching as seriously as going up in excellence in research. The target is 6 for research with 4 independent reviewers; discussion about the ease of sending out research vs having people travel to sit in on class (watching a video of teaching is not comparable); Linda D. says we should be evaluating the impact of teaching on learning; Chuck suggested FACET reviewers as a possibility because they are being trained to do peer reviews of teaching.


    Don: what are the standards for excellence in teaching and how do we establish that they have been met?


    Itzhok: leave external reviewers at 4; be a bit more lenient

    Don: 6 is the target number with at least 2 external (not a requirement)

    Chuck and Don will work together on this




    VI.         Resolutions from the Salary committee



    Resolution 1: Promotion Increases

    Be it resolved that the First Tier Salary committee recommends that a.  Promotion to higher academic rank be accompanied by raise amounting to 8% of the average salary of the originating academic rank. These promotion raises will be automatic and accompany promotion from  Lecturer to Senior Lecturer, Asst. to Assoc. Professor and Assoc. to Full  Professor.

    b.  The average salary will be determined for each rank based on the previous year�s salary numbers (i.e. the year preceding the year when the promotion takes effect).


    Kwesi: we�ve worked on the 8% resolution, when you start applying them you see where the problems are (8% increases begin this year as long as people are promoted).

    Sam: asked if it was 8% increase PLUS the merit raise-

    Kwesi:yes, they are separate; they will be looking to the Deans to see what�s happening in their unit



    Resolution 2: Relative Cost of Living and Equity Given IUN's geographical location in the Chicagoland area and the consequent high cost of living relative to other parts of Indiana, IUN is hampered in its ability to recruit quality faculty in the quest for academic excellence. Comparison of salaries with our Trustee approved peer institution list shows that we are at 91% �- 94% of the average of this peer group. The Salary committee hereby requests the Chancellor and the  VCAA to commit funds to achieve 100% of the average over an  appropriate period of time. This would considerably ameliorate problems  such as those faced by the Div. of Nursing where the salaries do not reflect the realities of the local Chicagoland area.


      Resolution 3: Matching Offers

    a) The faculty member must be able to document the offer of a

    position elsewhere.  While we recognize the confidentiality inherent in some job offers, we believe that the office of the VCAA must be able to inform the rest of the faculty that a genuine offer exists.


    b) The process of making a matching offer must be made in a timely

    fashion so that the faculty member can give reasonable consideration to the various possibilities



    VII.       Requirements for external grant applications


    Concern was expressed about Grant applications. George Assibey-Mensah, Interim Director of SPEA, told faculty that SPEA is supposed to come up $500,000 in external funding by Sept. 2, 2008 and they wanted clarification about the Sept. 2, 2008 deadline when SPEA is supposed to have $500,000 grants � what is required and why.




    Kwesi responded that these are goals the chancellor has set for Kwesi. It includes academic units getting serious and actively looking for grants (2 from SPEA and three from COAS) by Aug. 18 or Sept., although less will be acceptable. This is a call for us to do something � we need to show some progress in the area; if we need help, the chancellor will find someone to help us. Right now the Office of Sponsored Research on our campus is not functioning the way it�s supposed to, so perhaps we can get the OSR from IUB to come here and also have Robin explore this area.



    George: there�s an image that you and chancellor are going to go over all our records to see who deserves release time- and why is that the chancellor�s job, why is he involved in the process?


    Kwesi: it has a history, Kwesi asked for permission to put it back on the table and the Chancellor is interested, he wants to make sure we�re doing what we said we�re going to do. COAS is very complicated; he has a spreadsheet of education and business, and they are straightforward. Some people were flagged and he wants every Dean to be careful of those people and make sure they have documentation in case something comes up. The chair and the dean need to talk with that person before he/she goes to Kwesi. In some cases where that has happened the person adds information to address or clarify. There may be an appeals process at the VCAA level. Tenure track assistant professors need to complete the forms: it�s a way to make sure they are on track before they come up for review. Don interjected that the Teaching Load Reassignment Form has been mandated by the Trustees and that comment ended the discussion. Kwesi left and Bruce met with the group.


    Chancellor Bergland: was pleased with AQIP visit and the way it was handled, the reviewers went away with a positive view of institution and continuing improvement. The three enrollment planning group task forces are getting started: recruitment, retention and marketing. He has been interacting with President�s office and they are saying they will have something back to us within a week or two about Tamarack Hall (reconstruction)?


    An Executive Discussion ensued with Chancellor Bergland.


    VIII.     Old business.  None



    IX.         New business. None.


    X.           Adjournment at 1pm



    Respectfully submitted,





    Tanice Foltz, Faculty Org. Secretary


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