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Feb. 7, 2008
10-12 Rm 110

    Present: Bruce Bergland, Kwesi Aggrey, Diane Hodges-new VC for Student Services, George Bodmer, Chuck Gallmeier, Kristin Huysken, Don Coffin, Vinod, Iztok Hozo, Sam Flint, Paul Blohm, Linda Delunas, Mary Goolik, Robin Jones, Tanice Foltz


    RE: MLK Day. BB introduces Kwesi;

    Kwesi: let�s address resolutions about once a semester, maybe the second meeting, unless something pressing comes up. 2) Look at carefully, what kinds of resolutions are we addressing here. Open door for discussions, but don�t want to be swamped with resolutions at every meeting.


    George: history shows there�s no time when we�ve been swamped by resolutions. This is result of miscommunication, unhappiness, over the years.


    Don C: we don�t want to micromanage anything

    Kwesi: how about once a semester

    Vinod: traditionally Bruce has met with us at EXEC Comm meetings as an opportunity to discuss

    Iztok: we need to align our calendars better

    Kwesi: calendars are difficult

    Iztok: talking about both VC and C being here at least once a semester

    Chuck: important to get resolutions addressed


    Kwesi: looks at as call for us to take a look at what�s going on here, review things.


    Don: Faculty budgetary affairs committee that has been ignored in the process; wants to involve that part of faculty governance structure to move on.


    Vinod: we need concrete response from the administration


    Chuck: we had an academic priorities comm., were concerned about the replacement of P. Lundberg, that Neal could serve in that capacity,  that was ignored. We have tried to communicate about these centers.


    George: 123 people voted.



    1.  Resolution 104-07 � MLK DAY

    The IUN faculty organization reasserts its commitment and support for its 1997 resolution outlining the institutional process for Martin Luther King Holiday/Black History Month activities, passed 16 Nov., 2007.


    Bruce: MLK is university event, not the purview of one dept.�university should plan it. Continue having diversity series (body that accepts proposals and accepts event for that day)


    Kwesi: DPG has been given what they have asked for

    BB: funding will follow to A&S


    Don: he feels that BSO and Minority studies faculty should have a say in the campus-wide approach


    Bruce says they are involved in DPG group, says nothing was going on when he got here in 1999, two years money was there and nothing was done.


    Sam: asked if letter to minority studies has gone out yet- no are editing

    Chuck: why did Min Studies and student groups feel excluded?


    Bruce: Mary Frances Berry proposed by Minority Studies �then discovered could get Rev. Bernice King for one day only, decision was made to get both; although MS didn�t want that, they only wanted MFB. So Bruce takes responsibility for that.


    Students and MS feel left out; they need to be included in next year�s planning


    Don: there is a faculty governance issue- be useful to have someone representing the fac governance structure




    2.  Resolution 105-07

    Dissolution of the Center for Regional Excellence, unless the center can generate its own revenue to pay for personnel costs for at least a two year period, beginning July 1, 2008. Such a determination will be made by a committee appointed jointly by the Faculty Organization and the VCAA, passed by mail ballot Dec. 2007.


    Kwesi�s response: he feels we need the Center for Excellence to lead efforts to engage the community. We can make things better in terms of what has gone on and focus on the area, we have spread our wings too far. He feels we have not really engaged the community.


    How to fund it: we have not done a good job, if this committee is put together, how do we focus on getting grants because the money is there, state grants. We need to set up reasonable time line to work towards this. July 2008 is not reasonable. We need to review what we�ve done and what gains we have made. Difficult to measure in terms of dollar figures, but need to know what has happened. Need more than giving away $45,000 in grant money to faculty. Welcomes forming committee to come up with decision we can all work with. We need to look at THIS (Gary) community.


    Linda � doesn�t hear anything about the Center.

    Kwesi � Debbie Thomas is putting a lot of work in it, but doesn�t know if it�s going in the right direction. We need one person from community and one from the campus.


    Vinod: asks the question about $350,000 for the Center � he suggests can we have a part time person who runs the center.


    Kwesi: we hired her as a tenured faculty member, so can consider that and put her in classroom part time. In the $350,000,$45,000 awarded to faculty grants, so that needs to be removed.


    Iztok: concern with parity - $45,000 � whereas grant in aid and time releases are $40,000 �

    Kwesi � no, IU chips in $20,000 (intercampus research); ($107,000 for sum fac fellowships); some faculty keep getting these grants but don�t get further grants to help the community


    Sam Flint- CRE should become its own rainmaker (bring in soft money) that doesn�t come out of faculty hides


    Kwesi: wants to sit down with advisory group, made up almost entirely of our own faculty, and hear about plans, and talk about feasibility of center being entirely on soft money�that may not happen; may have a cost-share in the center, even if get million dollar grant, may be stipulation that staff cannot be paid.


    Sam: this is more than wake up call�need to talk about her (Debbie Thomas�)job. When she was hired, wasn�t it made clear to her that she has to secure funding? The center�s mission


    Kwesi �not part of primary mission

    Linda- is curatoriate supposed to advise her?

    Has the group met? The curatoriate has not met yet.


    Chuck � when he asked her how is she raising money, Debbie said he�s the only person who asked that question. She was told it�s not her job to raise money. In the past we were told both centers were going to be self sustaining.


    Don: My concern is not much has happened. This was not an issue when hiring came up. Administrative share of front research grants, overhead share (that�s hard to get- private fund raising don�t do that and feds are cracking down). Has to be coordinated with campus fund raising efforts. Needs to be some sense at campus level about what the funding priorities are.


    Linda: Director gets marching orders from the Board.

    Bruce: she does not report to those boards, but directly to Kwesi.


    Vinod: need guidelines about hard money and soft money


    Kwesi: we can discuss these when we sit down and meet with the committee



    3. Resolution 106-07

    Dissolution of the Institute for Innovative Leadership, unless the center can generate its own revenue to pay for personnel costs for at least a two year period, beginning July 1, 2008. Such a determination will be made by a committee appointed jointly by the Faculty Organization and the VCAA, passed by mail ballot Dec. 2007.



    Kwesi: salary was in the $90,000 � Charlotte is being paid $10,000 in the interim. Going through reorganization to do it with reduced funding. In discussion with student affairs � does it belong there? All students who have gone through feel it has helped them. Look for ways to improve the Institute, put a cap on campus investment. Raising funds � he thinks it will be more difficult.


    Don � thinks it will be less difficult, because easier to identify the impact if our students are getting jobs out in the community. Have concrete impact of students in community. Maybe started in 1998 � was supposed to be self-sustaining � at a salary of $90,000 over 10 years. He brought in some money from Indiana Leadership but it went with him.


    Sam � says it�s the responsibility of the CEO � every non-profit.


    Kristin: we�re not talking about big league savings


    Kwesi: would not advocate for full time director � can see structure like now, someone who has a job like Charlotte with CETL, but keep them separate


    Vinod: didn�t ask for dissolution of center. Wants to look at impact that the institute has had on our students and see if the investment is worth it�if we can bring down the cost substantially and look at a time line for means to support it.


    Don: This was Marilyn�s idea � she pushed for it to happen, it would be good to hear about what her expectations were


    Sam: assume there�s no annual report and objectives to see how they square


    Don: a few years ago, task forces were reviewed by task forces


    Bruce: refers to how undeveloped this place is when he came, we don�t have an institution, in response to Sam�s comment, annual reports are not a matter of course. What is the case is that Kwesi is here for 1-1/2 years and he�s making great progress. I�m not criticizing anything you�ve said, it might be ok to move on to the next item.


    Don: in Business, we were never asked to do an annual report.


    Vinod: appreciates Bruce�s presence. Happy about what he said about the Center, but the Leadership Institute �it�s been 10 years living off the public trough.


    Bruce: we didn�t fire Keith a long time ago and it�s our fault. In this case you�re right, they should have been raising money, it�s my understanding they were to be self supporting, I accept responsibility for that and I don�t begrudge your frustration.


    4. Resolution 107-07

    No additional cost for the College of Health and Human Services be incurred, i.e., administrative restructuring of the divisions incorporated into CHHS can be the only way to fund the administrative structure of the CHHS, passed by mail ballot, Dec. 2007.



    Kwesi: It is not possible, we need to keep connection with medical school. Talked with DeeDee re: ad for Associate Dean for CHHS�he has big job description. Saving money; if we have to hire a full time dean, there will be no full time associate dean in CHHS. We are paying Pat Bankston a fraction of his salary to be dean; are doing a reorganization within the unit to create some money. I.e., MLT ($45,000) in addition to teaching � gone now, Dir. Respiratory Therapy, makes $45,000 in addition to teaching�just finished meeting with Ivy Tech to close ours.  Then look at Dental, Robinson, 12-month employee, $56,000. M.Skurka, Adler, not making much more than other faculty make as people running the unit. The only one we can look at is Nursing, Dean. Need Director of Nursing, 12 month salary needs to be comparable to other campuses,$107,000. F-T director of Social Work�in $70s.


    Vinod: his interpretation of structure is Dean of CHHS � over medical school.  . if you get four year medical school he will advocate for it


    Chuck: if this is based on growth, what does it look like to you?


    Don: we have so many opportunities, if we get 4-year med school, master�s in nursing, bachelors� in social work � all these opportunities but can�t do it for free


    George: through transparency, and assessment, we can make them begin to pay for themselves



    [The following two motions, also considered by mail ballot Dec. 2008, did not pass:


    * Reduction in costs associated with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, by eliminating all salaried staff and reducing the Director position to a part time teaching position.


    Kwesi: RE: CETL � there�s room for improvement there for faculty to be comfortable in working with CETL. Ours is staffed with more people than other places. Want to bring faculty on board.



    * Summer teaching stipends shall not exceed $ 7000 per course. This amount will be indexed annually to the average faculty raise awarded in the prior academic year.]


    Kwesi:  it failed but we�ll be looking at it again to reduce costs.



    Also on the agenda for the 15 February 2008 Faculty Org. meeting are


    1.              AQIP--discussion of the 26-8 March 2008 site visit 2.  Announcement of the library fund criteria 3.  On-going Gen. Ed./Assessment resolution 4.  Introduction of the VCSS 5.  Report from the CT & DE



    Committee: Pat Gianni, Kwesi Aggrey plus faculty, keep it a small committee.

    The Cabinet left at 11:43am.


    Discussion of Exec Comm.


    Sam: Discussion of a table by Library Report to approve budget of $400,000. No rationale about where�s the budget, how it has changed.


    Don: should charge the library committee with approving the budget. I.e., need Modern Languages line rather than French Spanish, German, etc.  Fiscal year is July 1-June 30 and library committee doesn�t come on board until September or October.�Large chunks could be obligated, unless they meet in May.


    Paul: When was the last time a budget was given to us in May?


    Don: it doesn�t need to be amounts, it can be percentages?


    Meeting adjourned at 11:54am.

    Next meeting is Feb. 29th, noon-2pm, Rm 140A.


    Respectfully submitted,




    Tanice Foltz, Faculty Org. Secretary



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