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April 13th, 2007


    Attending: Bodmer (president),  Coffin (UFC representative), Caucci, Dorin, Flint, Hozo, Mulcahey (for Delunas), Tolhuizen, Vinodgopal


    1.      The meeting was called to order by president Bodmer at noon.

    1. The minutes of the 6 March 2007 were approved as read.
    2. The following matters were discussed:
      1. We must discuss the matters of the committee in committee rather than e-mail.
      2. There are a number of committees arising on campus which exclude the faculty and supersede what faculty committees are charged to do.
      3. We need to re-evaluate the committees, and to that end the president will send out a questionnaire this week to ask what the committees have done and what they see as their tasks for the coming year.  We then need to charge the committees in the fall 2007, the next academic school year.
      4. We need to reengage the administration as to what their sense of faculty governance is.
      5. We need to evaluate whether having an affirmative action member on every search committee has in fact broadened the candidate pool or resulted in increased diversity in hired positions.
      6. We need to express our concern with having deans on the elected faculty First Tier Salary Committee, as stated by the VCAA.
      7. Once Health and Human Services is developed, we will need to change representation to various committees, including the Executive Committee, which will require a constitutional change.
      8. When members are unable to attend the Executive Committee meeting, they need to send replacements, as Professor Delunas has done.
      9. A topic for the new year is the rules and practices of granting teaching awards, including how long before a teacher can reapply.
    3. The meeting was adjourned 12:58 p.m.

    Minutes submitted by Geo. Bodmer


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