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February 9th, 2007

     Noon in Library 140A.

    Attending:  W. Dorin, I. Hozo, K. Vinodgopal, C. Gallmeier, D. Coffin, C. O�Dell, G. Bodmer, F. Caucci, S. Flint, J. Griskovic, S. Piehl

    Vice-Chancellor Aggrey attended from 12:45 � 1:15 pm

    1.      Fac. Org. meeting report by Marie Czach--what questions do we want to ask her? VCAA Aggrey will also set up a follow-up CETL workshop with successful grantees to provide additional information

    a.       number of applications and number of successes?

    b.      number of monies received in last several years as well as relative to other campuses

    c.       role in facilitating grant applications

    2.       VCAA Aggrey suggested that Keith Kirkpatrick�s presentation went well � and that it also opens the door for us to ask further questions; go ahead and solicit questions of the IIL, have them sent to President Bodmer

    3.  President Bodmer asked again for Faculty Board of Review nominees � Itozk Hozo and Jackie Mullany were placed in nomination.  President Bodmer asked for additional nominees as well

    3.  Budget committee members to meet with Chancellor Bergland as he requested at the last Faculty Organization.  Budgetary Affairs Committee plus President and Vice-President of Faculty Organization will constitute the group discussed.    

    4.  Reassigned time policy  - VCAA Aggrey -- once A&S policy is received; then I will send it out to everyone; please submit your annual reports anyway and the work on the policy will continue; key is to make sure everyone has a plan for the coming year on their research program.  The first time someone would lose a course would be Fall of 2008 (if they have been unproductive and have no development plan).  Frank Caucci -  would like VCAA Aggrey to ask the Deans to discuss this matter within their divisions with their faculty as well as how applied work required by many disciplines can be considered in this policy.  Iztok Hozo - in the case that a faculty member does lose their course release can the money saved be placed in a research account for the faculty in that division? VCAA Aggrey � would like the money to stay in Academic Affairs and will be used to benefit all of us through Academic Affairs

    5.  President Bodmer will ask Jean Poulard to read a tribute to Phil Rutledge. 

    6.  Discussion of the Stalking Professors survey � Executive Committee agreed to allow the faculty to be surveyed. 

    7. Jack Bloom has asked the Faculty Organization a series of questions related to an analysis of the rate of growth of the administration in relation to other aspects of the university.  The Executive Committee will refer these questions to the Planning and Budgetary Affairs Committee.   

    8.  New Business

    a.       Vinodgopal �invite Earline Rogers (April) � Clarence Boone (March) to speak with Executive Committee to discuss issues related to the structure of higher education

    9.  Adjournment at 1:32 pm

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