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January 5th, 2007

    Faculty Organization Executive Committee meeting Friday 5 Jan. noon-2 p.m. in Library 140A. 

    Attending:  J. Grskovic, L. Delunas., G. Bodmer, D. Coffin, C. O�Dell, C. Gallmeier, F. Caucci, R. Selladurai, J. Tolhuizen, B. Dorin, I. Hozo, K. Vinodgopal, S. Flint,

    I.  President Bodmer�s announcements

    a.       Bert Scott has asked to speak as a representative of the Computer committee at the January Fac. Org. meeting

    b.      VCAA Aggrey has asked for Directors to speak at Fac. Org. meetings

                                                                  i.      Keith Kirkpatrick for Institute for Innovative Leadership in January (we are specifically interested in a presentation of the Program, opportunities for faculty involvement, budget, and the process they use to evaluate effectiveness)

    c.  Faculty Board of Review � only 3 candidates so far, need more so ask your colleagues

          II.  Course Load Reassignment Policy

    The Faculty Organization of Indiana University Northwest resolves

    1. That the "pilot" implementation of the Course Release Policy adopted by the Faculty in April 2006 confirms that the faculty are overwhelmingly fulfilling their research obligations.

    2. Not withstanding (1), that the process by which the "pilot" implementation was conducted violated the language and spirit of the Policy as it was adopted.

    3. That the implementation of the Course Release Policy must incorporate the principle that criteria for the assessment of research, scholarly, and creative work differ among disciplines and academic programs and that the criteria relevant to each discipline shall be determined by the faculty in the disciplines and academic programs.   

    4. That the full implementation of the three-year "look-back" period required in the Policy shall begin with the 2006 calendar year, with the first full three-year "look-back" covering the calendar year Faculty Annual Reports for 2006, 2007, and 2008.

    5.  That the implementation of the course release policy shall be consistent with the Academic Handbook and shall allow faculty access to the appeal processes already specified in the course release policy.     

    A discussion of this resolution occurred and VCAA Aggrey joined us for this part of the meeting and participated in the discussion. 

    The resolution passed unanimously. 


    III.             Chancellors review resolution

    The Indiana University Northwest requests that the Indiana University Faculty Council adopt the following resolution:


    "The Indiana University Faculty Council finds the lack of Faculty input into the adoption of a policy for review of campus Chancellors problematic.  The University Faculty Council believes that any Review Committees for campus Chancellors be composed of at least 50% members of the faculty on the campus of the Chancellor being reviewed.  The UFC is also concerned about language in the "Principles for Chancellor Reviews," specifically point 3 which says "The fifth-year evaluation should include information from the following: (a) The results of a faculty review process outlined in this document..."  This language could allow the Review Committee to proceed without a faculty review process.  The UFC is also concerned about language in point 8 which says "The Review Committee may utilize a survey as a part of the review," as this clearly allows the Committee not to use a survey.  Finally, the UFC is concerned about language prohibiting the Review Committee from incorporating anonymous comments into its deliberations, as (particularly untenured) faculty might feel pressured into providing only positive comments. Add in sentence from D. Coffin"

    A discussion of this resolution ensued and ultimately the resolution passed unanimously


    IV.  Adjournment 1:54pm


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