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December 8th, 2006

    In Attendance:  G. Bodmer, C. O�Dell, F. Caucci, K. Vinodgopal, D. Coffin, B. Dorin, L. Delunas, C. Gallmeier, J. Grskovic, S. Flint.   

    I.                    Announcements from President Bodmer

    a.       Chancellor for IUPUI � Report from the IFC Executive Committee on the Proposed Restructuring of the Division of Labor Studies � please read

     II.                Email from Scooter Pegram regarding the privatization of the Bookstore

    a.  VCFA Vasquez has a commitment to keeping the Bookstore as is.  As such, we have made a counteroffer to keep the Bookstore.  D. Coffin and G. Bodmer say that A. Herbert has made public statements that he will make the decision.  Vinod states that this is Trustee Riley�s agenda � privatization.   D. Coffin and S. Flint argue that we don�t have enough information to make an informed decision either way.  Vinod says this is just the tip of the iceberg for privatization so we should hold the line.  However, he doesn�t suggest any action from the Faculty Organization at this time.  Pres. Bodmer will communicate with Scooter regarding this issue. 

    III.             Pilot Program for the Faculty Affairs Committee

    a.       G. Bodmer- background information as to why FA Committee has prepared a report on this topic

    b.      much discussion issued

    c.       the FA report will be distributed to the faculty on Monday

    d.      further discussion will occur on this topic in the next Executive Committee scheduled for January of 2007

    IV.             Adjournment  2:01 pm

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