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October 6, 2006

    Friday 6 October 2006, noon- 2 p.m., in Library 140A


    VCAA Aggrey is attending at 12:30, and Prof. V. Killibarda is coming at 1 p.m.  Chancellor Bergland is unable to attend.

    In Attendance:  George Bodmer,  Cynthia O�Dell, Bill Dorin, Don Coffin, Sandy Piehl, Chuck Gallmeier, Iztok Hozo, K. Vinodgopal, Jim Tolhuizen, Chuck Gallmeier, Linda Delunas, Janice Grskovic, Raj Selladurai, Steve Echtenkamp,  Guests Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Kwesi Aggrey and Vesna Kilibarda, General Education Group Representative


    1. Call to order

    2.  Minutes of the Sept. 1, 2006 meeting minutes approved

    3. Reassigned Time Pilot Program Review

    -VCAA Aggrey has requested a completed evaluation of the report by Thanksgiving

    - Pres. Bodmer requested information from each division as a beginning point of this dialogue. Based on their reports we report the following.  110 people were evaluated in the process (some of whom are apparently tenure-track or lecturers, neither of whom should have been evaluated) and 96 qualified for their course load resassignment, producing an 87% rate of qualification. 

    -Send to Faculty Affairs Committee

    -Charge from VCAA � preference would be to hear from this group on the results.  Aggrey talked with the Chancellor � what do we mean by research? What about lack of research support? Could I give someone release time to help me if they can�t meet their research requirement? Chancellor was amenable to alternate solutions.  VCAA Aggrey would like the Faculty Affairs Committee to come up with other options for release time.  VCAA Aggrey did indicate that all units have been asked to revise their criteria.  Specifically he commented that the A&S departmental criteria are not quantitative enough and need to be reworked.  


    I. Hozo � suggested that each unit be asked to expand their definition of research.

    I. Hozo � Should Dean, Vice-Chancellor and Chair meet on difficult cases?

    D. Coffin �This Pilot program was response to a concern that was not supported with data about whether tenured faculty were maintaining adequate research productivity?  The unit promotion and tenure guidelines would be what is used to make these judgments. Was that not what was done?

    L. Delunas � who decided the Criteria? A- The general criterion used - 2 publications in 3 years appears to have been generated without documentation.    

    I. Hozo � could FA investigate whether this could be evaluated on a departmental level rather than an individual one such that a department will be excellent on all 3 aspects of evaluation but individuals in only one?

     L. Delunas � this has been really touted at other places in the literature

    J. Tolhuizen � suggested VCAA might be invited to committee meetings

    I. Hozo � if departments are supposed to create the standards, then chairs will be held accountable, and if chair says they are adequate then dean should not change this without formal discussions

    D. Coffin � not sure that the project solution will solve the long term problem since they will not be working on research while heavily involved with these service projects.

    I. Hozo � could the FA Committee investigate a running average instead of 3 years back?

    VCAA Aggrey � We need to allow departments to do a good job and come up with criteria to be used.  We as a campus can make a statement regarding our productivity � 80-85%. There are other things we do here though besides research including a substantial amount of service and teaching.  We are a campus that treats faculty differently.  There are differential requirements across divisions for salary, experience, and service, so one size should not fit all for this process as well.  If by the departments own requirements, the person doesn�t meet these, then we need to sit down with the department and figure out something - can we provide a service component, or discuss with the faculty member that the possibility of teaching 4 courses. 

    G. Bodmer � as a result of our Jan. 2007 annual reports, will some people lose release time as a result?  Aggrey � by then I will have the new department criteria � then I will look at who doesn�t meet the departmental criteria, and we will make individual decisions on a service project or teaching increase.       
                C. Gallmeier - We should probably also ask for comments from the faculty. Their reaction to the pilot project.  Pres. Bodmer will ask for comments via email for the FA Committee


    4.  General Education Initiative vote for Oct. 20 Fac. Org. meeting

     Professors Kilibarda from the Gen. Ed. Assessment Committee discussed the next segment of the General Education requirements which will be voted on in the October Faculty Organization meeting.  She described the Principle (1) and the foundational and advanced courses that we will be discussing at the Oct. Fac. Org. meeting.  The Board of Trustees has asked that Gen. Ed. programs be presented to them in February; it is not clear just what they want, but it seems that they are less interested in philosophy (as we are working on) and are more interested in transferability (courses which students  could get credit for, transferring from IU campus to campus).

    J. Tolhuizen� we are looking at what we want students to have as their foundational general education at this point, not how we will do it at this point

    L. Delunas, echoed by others- this committee is working very diligently and we thank you all for your efforts

    5.  Teaching award in honor of Gary Martin
    Charlotte Reed has asked that we consider creating or naming a teaching award in honor of Gary Martin.  It is unclear to the Executive Committee how this would work in relation to existing teaching awards. President George Bodmer will talk with Charlotte to suggest SPEA name a scholarship in his name in Criminal Justice. 

    6.  Report of Keith Kirkpatrick for the Institute for Innovative Leadership for the October meeting.

    -report on what you have accomplished in the past year, the process you use to evaluate your area and opportunities for faculty involvement (15 min.)

    7. New business �

    D. Coffin � Question on Position Requests

    VCAA - APC has reported to VCAA  about 2 weeks ago, Deans finished last week - 1) said to Deans if we have 3 positions that are replacements � unless we can come up with a reason why they shouldn�t be obtained, it shouldn�t be up there for discussion  2) put previous replacements that weren�t replaced in different class category 3) APC took out staff positions 4) Deans added some back in 5) VCAA will look at and then perhaps meet with Deans and APC for a discussion 6) Hope to have final list by end of October

    C. Gallmeier - Summer Teaching � can Chancellor Bergland please address?

    8. Old business

    VCAA Aggrey will discuss Labor Studies and Health and Humans Services at October Fac. Org. meeting

    9. Adjournment  1:50


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