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Executive Committee Minutes

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Sept. 1, 2006

    Friday, Sept. 1, 2006 Noon, Library 140A


    Present:  G. Bodmer, Vinodgopal, B. Dorin, S. Flint, L. Delunas, N. Rosselli, D. Coffin, C. O�Dell, F. Sawicki, C. Gallmeier, R. Selladurai, I. Hozo, S. Echtenkamp, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs K. Aggrey


    I.                   Schedule for Meetings

                      Fridays - Oct. 6, Nov. 3, Dec. 1, Jan. 5, Feb. 9, March 9, Apr. 13, May 11

                      Noon � 2 pm


    II.                Karen Evans will give a tribute to Gary Martin during the Sept. Fac. Org. Meeting


    III.             School of Health and Human Services


    a.       Discussion of plan at Sept. Fac. Org. Meeting, plan is being distributed by divisions to their faculty

    b.      G. Bodmer- first time full faculty presented the plan was the town hall meeting in August so more open discussion needed

    c.       K. Aggrey � hopes Life Science money from IU will be used to implement

    d.      Some discussion of use of CTE funds and strength of argument made for additional funds downstate.  Hope that there will be ample opportunity for discussion and questions during Fac. Org Meeting


    IV.             Release Time Process

    a.       K. Aggrey � implementation begins Fall 2007, however a review of the pilot is necessary prior to that (he suggested a review driven by Faculty and Programs not Administration)

    b.      K. Aggrey- need to make sure standards have been submitted for all pro grams; need to think about exceptions to the rule like 50% administrative time, impending retirement, leave, sabbaticals?

    c.       Vinod-requested a report to the faculty as a whole on the outcome to date, broken down by Division

    d.      L. Delunas- asked what the Dean�s responsibility is here?  K. Aggrey replied that  this can be a new start with a clean slate so that we can change campus culture and foster this responsibility

    e.       D. Coffin suggested that the look back time for the release is problematic as we are looking back further than the policy was implemented.  K. Aggrey agreed and hoped that would come up in the review of the process

    f.       I. Hozo suggested that the Release Time process and P&T process should be consistent with each other so this might mean revising the Goldenrod

    g.      G. Bodmer reported that at the Town Hall meeting the compliance rate generated by the process this year was 85%.  K. Aggrey confirmed this to be true. 


    V.                Future of Labor Studies Program

    a.       K. Aggrey stated they are still working on proposals; however at this time it appears that there will be two independent programs, one at IUN and one at IUPUI.  The IUN program would be in Arts and Sciences and they would grant and Arts and Sciences degree, probably a B.S.  Eventually the Labor Studies Program would have 4-5 faculty members at IUN.  Hiring money will come from the monies the program currently has and that IUN and IUPUI are still in negotiations over. 


    VI.             General Education Requirements and timeline

    a.       no new information, still conferring with UFC on the meaning of their  recent resolution on this topic and what effect it will have on our General Education Review process


    VII.          Process of Deciding which positions will be filled in the University

    a.       K. Aggrey indicated that he is asking the programs to critically evaluate the minimum number of faculty that are required to run each program or department.  Then, when retirements occur they could be automatically replaced if they would drop below their minimums otherwise.

    b.      K. Aggrey also indicated that he has asked the Chancellor for autonomy so that decisions for faculty hiring will be made in the Office of Academic Affairs, so that the academic positions are not directly competing with non-academic positions for funding.

    c.       K. Aggrey then suggested if this would come to pass we could revisit the necessity of the APC and/or revision its charge. 


    VIII.       Review of Deans

    a.       L. Delunas � don�t seem to be reviewing Deans?  Suggestions were made that due to the interim issues in Academic Affairs this may have been left off of the agenda

    b.      K. Aggrey � would like adoption of a review process similar to Evergreen State where each administrator is asked to set up public goals.  Then at the end of the evaluation period, the administrator is given the opportunity to demonstrate which of the goals they have met, and the units are given an opportunity to comment on their progress as well

    c.       Vinod, I. Hozo and D. Coffin discussed how the process worked � committees in past formed with faculty in unit as well as outside representation.

    d.      G. Bodmer will work with K. Aggrey to find and start the proper processes


    IX.             Faculty  Organization Committees

    a.       Committees will be formed shortly

    b.      Committee Chairs will be asked to write an initial charge or goals for the year that will be due by October 1, 2006 to be discussed at the next Executive Committee Meeting. 


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