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February 3, 2006

    Attending: Bodmer (Pres.), Galmeier (Vice Pres.), Poulard, Sawicki, Delunas, Vinod, Dorin, Tolhuizen, Coffin, Robinson, Rusinek, V. Kilibarda, Hass Birky (VCAA�s office)

    I. The meeting was called to order at 10:05 by the president.

    II. The minutes of the 6 January 2006 meeting were approved.

    III. Announcements

    A. Send Faculty Board of Review nominations to Prof. Poulard

    B. The VCAA search continues

    C. Nominations are due soon for the election of the Faculty Org.

    D. UFC has directed the regional campuses to rewrite their admission standards, which need to be in place by 2007; this has been sent to the Admissions committee

    IV. General Education Objectives--Professor V. Killlibarda

    A. There will be further discussion at the Feb. meeting

    B. The objectives will come up for a vote in the March meeting of Fac.

    C. Please join the OnCourse discussion site

    IV. Re-assigned course form

    A. Why has this become an application?

    B. Does this contravene the resolution passed by Fac. Org.?

    C. Why has the change been made from academic to calendar year?
    D. Contrary to what has been sent out, there was not faculty input into this new form.

    E. The following letter will be sent to faculty:

    In response to a high level of stated concern, the Faculty Organization Executive Committee expresses strong reservation and objection to the "Application for Teaching Load Reassignments" form presented to the faculty just as Faculty Annual Reports are being filled out and turned in for evaluation . This form, which would appear to contravene at the very least the spirit of the resolution passed on the 20 January 2006 meeting of the Faculty Organization, was created and sent out without faculty input and asks faculty to apply for what is built into the terms of our positions.
    The previous form, presented by the Board of Trustees, requests information about the coming academic year; it is not clear why this form is based upon the calendar year. It also asks for information ("three years research
    output") which presumably the administration should already have, in our Faculty Annual Reports. Since this is an instrument of evaluation, it would seem that this should come through discussion and input of all parties involved, as suggested by the Indiana University Academic Handbook.

    V. Professor Hass Birky for the VCAA�s office

    A. The Deans and Directors are preparing to respond to the Fac. Org.

    B. Post Baccalaureate programs will be moved off campus.

    C. There are mini-travel and mini-research grants ($ 300) available through the Gen. Ed. initiative.

    VI. Meeting was adjourned 11:20 a.m.

    Minutes prepared by Geo. Bodmer

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