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November 4, 2005

Library 140 A � 10:00 am - Noon.


Members in Attendance � Deanna McDonald, Pam Sandoval, Steve McShane, Felicia Young, George Bodmer, Don Coffin, Chuck Gallmeier, Jean  Poulard, Cynthia O�Dell, Jim Tolhuizen, Iztok Hozo, Bill Dorin, Sue Hampson



I.  Call to order � 10:00 AM

II.  Minutes of the  7 October 2005 meeting approved

III.  President's report

a.  Library Budget Committee report � budget will be presented at Faculty Org. meeting

b.  Service Learning Committee- Lou Ann Karabel will present information at Faculty Org.

IV.  Equity report of the Salary Committee--Professor Nelson

a.     Committee recommends the university commit to increase faculty salaries by ~10% within a period of time

b.       This plan just asks for the money, next step for the committee is how to distribute money individually; what terms should be included in the equation, etc.

c.        Don Coffin praised the committee�s strong, important work

d.       Motion to endorse the report (Don Coffin) and encourage the Chancellor to find money to implement the plan was carried unanimously


V.  Reassigned time policy

a.       Motion from Alan Barr offered as a suggested alternative

b.       Jim Tolhuizen stated that post-tenure review was a professional development process

c.        Don Coffin argued that we not explicitly refer to post-tenure review as part of our process.  We need a process; we need to decide what the research requirements would be for a 4 course teaching load

d.        Pam Sandoval asked what does it mean to have a full-time faculty member teaching a 4 course load? 

e.        Chuck Gallmeier suggested that Bert Scott�s plan from Business would be a possible solution.

f.        Jim T. suggested that this process should be in the hands of a committee, not just one or two people. 

g.        Iztok Hozo asked can we do better than post-tenure review?

h.       Chuck G. asked again for data that suggests there is a problem in our faculty� research.  He also stated the administration wants a quick solution, and post-tenure review is not a quick process.

i.         Bill Dorin argued that again this is a money issue, more than anything else

j.         Jim T. asked that we put the post-tenure review process on the Fac. Org. website and an email sent out notifying the faculty. 

k.       Original motion will be back on the agenda at the November  Fac. Org. meeting


VI.  Extended VCAA search

l.         Discussion of resuming the regular search process

m.     President reported that Chancellor will hire a new search firm

n.       We will ask Chancellor what status of the current VCAA search committee is

o.       It was suggested that we not try to shoot for a July 1 start date for new position 

VII.  Old business

VIII.  New business

a.       Associate Vice-Chancellor Robin Hass Birky report

a.       Dean�s Council will be discussing the course release policy at next meeting (15th)

b.      Intercampus Research Funds � by Nov. 30, a faculty committee will produce a recommendation list of the types of funds we would like to retain

                                                                          i.      Don C. asked what is the problem exactly?  Why were they removed, even if temporarily?

                                                                        ii.      Chuck  G. argued this seems to be related to Mission Differentiation

                                                                      iii.      Don C. stated that UFC adopted the IU mission statement that we are a multi-campus system wide research university, which should aid our efforts to retain research abilities

c.        General Education � committee has meet several times, will continue to meet culminating in a meeting before the end of the semester with suggested revision of the goals

IX. Adjournment at 11:30 am

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