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 September 2, 2005

    Members present:  George Bodmer, Linda Delunas, Bill Dorin, Chuck Gallmeier, Cynthia O�Dell,  Jean Poulard, Carol Rusinek, Margaret Skurka, Felicia Young.

    Members from Arts and Sciences, Education and an At-large member are still to be elected. 


    I.                   The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am.

    II.                Minutes to the April 8, 2005 meeting were approved.

    III.             Mission Differentiation Report

    a.       George Bodmer shared a draft of a letter to President Herbert from the UFC referencing Recommendation #9 of the mission differentiation report expressing concern regarding the role of research on regional campuses. 

    b.      George Bodmer reported that the UFC objected to our Mission Statement (passed by our faculty organization on 4-15-05), as it did not specifically mention research. 

                                                                  i.      Chuck Gallmeier brought up a longtime concern regarding the possibility of all research on regional campuses having a civic engagement component. 

                                                                ii.      It was suggested this could result in a two-tier system within the Indiana University System.

                                                              iii.      Jean Poulard indicated that we have always had regional research at IUN and that it doesn�t need to be in the mission in order for us to engage in it.  He also stated that the term engagement has a distinct political meaning.

                                                              iv.      Cynthia O�Dell asked whether we should revisit the mission since it leaves out research?

                                                                v.      Margaret Skurka and Linda Delunas suggested that Outcomes 1 & 6 define research broadly enough to help in this situation.

                                                              vi.      Carol Rusinek worried that IUN was becoming to provincial in its outlook. 

    IV.             Course Load Reassignment

    a.       George Bodmer reported that he had spoken with Vice-Chancellor Rominger regarding the Faculty Affairs Report and that it will be presented at the October Executive Committee meeting. 

    b.      Vice-Chancellor Anna Rominger and Associate Vice-Chancellor Robin Hass Birky joined the committee at this point and contributed further to this conversation.

    c.       Chuck Gallmeier indicated that he felt this process should be faculty driven, not dean driven.  Anna Rominger agreed.

    d.      Anna Rominger said that the individual units will specify what quality and quantity of research is necessary.

    e.       Chuck Gallmeier asked whether administration should also be held accountable if faculty are being asked to do so?  Anna Rominger agreed that performance evaluations of administrators should be done in a hierarchical fashion, from the top down. 

    f.       Chancellor Bergland joined the committee briefly and stated that this whole process is already running behind and that it needs to be accomplished by the timeline described in the Academic Affairs Briefing for the Executive Committee (distributed to the members during the meeting). 

    g.      Cynthia O�Dell asked whether there is not a conflict between post-tenure review in the long run, and the course load reduction in the short run?  Chancellor Bergland indicated that there have been no post-tenure review cases since he has been Chancellor so he doesn�t see how they would conflict.

    h.      Anna Rominger clarified that the course reduction process will take a rolling 5-year look at faculty life, not just the previous year. 


    V.                Salary Equity Study

    a.       A committee worked on this during the summer and will report later in the year.


    VI.             General Education Requirements and Assessment

    a.       Robin Hass Birky has done research over the summer that will be forwarded to the Chairs of the Faculty Organization General Education and Assessment Committees. Vice-Chancellor Rominger indicated that preliminary general education goals should be set by Spring of 2006. 


    VII.          Faculty Input in Non-Credit Programs

    a.       Two questions were generated for administrative clarification.

    b.      Why do the Directors have a seat on the Dean�s Council?  Anna Rominger indicated that the Directors need to sit on Dean�s Council as they ad important information.  She indicated that they just provide information at the meetings.     

    c.       What is the status of faculty representation on Strategic Planning? Vice-Chancellor Rominger and Faculty Organization President Bodmer will check on the answer to this question.


    VIII.       Evaluation of Centers


    IX.             Third Tier Programs

    a.       Vice-Chancellor Rominger indicated that the APC has sent recommendations to Academic Affairs. The Dean�s Council will meet and a discussion of the 3rd tier programs will then take place. 


    X.                Outcomes I and VI

    a.       The documents produced will be presented at the September meeting of the Faculty Organization.

    b.      They will then be sent to Faculty Organization Committees for further analysis and input. 

    c.       Then the documents will be brought back to the October meeting of the Faculty Organization for a vote.


    XI.             Faculty Organization Committee Charges � not discussed


    XII.          New Business


    XIII.        The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:15 p.m.

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