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  March 2005

      Friday March 4, 2005

       I.  The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM.

     Members present:  George Bodmer, Charles Gallmeier, William Buckley, William Dorin, Robin Hass Birky, Carol Rusinek, James Tolhuizen, Alan Lindmark, Iztok Hozo, Pam Sandoval, Susan Pearson and Donald Coffin.  Visiting:  Robert Lovely

     II.  Minutes for the February 4 meeting will be distributed.

     III. Calendar Committee Report

                 The Committee will present its calendar to the March Faculty Organization meeting.

      IV. Chair�s Announcements

                 Bodmer announced that the Indiana Council on Higher Education will have its annual meeting in Indianapolis. 

       V.  Points of Discussion

                 The committee expressed its dismay about not having received the draft from the interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs on the course release policy.   The Members suggested the following three actions:

                             1.)  That we wait for the new Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs to  assume his duties while announcing we already have such a policy in  place.

                            2.)  That we ask for clarification on our annual reports what constitutes  �release time� for �service.�

                            3.)  That Bodmer write a letter to Ige asking how IUN�s course release  policy is to be implemented.

      VI. Proposed Policy Regarding IT Access By Adjunct/Emeritus Faculty

                            1.)  In response to the �Chancellor�s Cabinet discussing access to    University IT services by adjunct faculty and Emeritus Faculty� as defined by   Cuthbert Scott�s memo of  February 23, 2005, to the Faculty Organization   Committee, the committee responded that access to IT by teaching adjunct faculty   should be secured, and that denial to Emeritus Faculty to IT would be punitive   and in denial of IUN�s goal of community service from those who have had long    ties with the Gary area.

                            2.)  The Committee recommended that this issue should be on the agenda   of IUN�s Computer Committee.

    VII.   General Education Report

                             1.)  Bob Lovely distributed the �Outline for plan to Build and Sustain  Excellence in Strategic Programmatic Focus Area.�    He said the document will   be discussed by IUN Deans as well as the Curriculum Committee, and he brought    the committee�s attention to Part IV.  He said that Ige will ask the Assessment   Committee to consider this section.

                2.)  Hass Birky argued that the committee should vote on this report as  soon as  possible.

                3.)  Sandoval  responded that instead of focusing on our conflicts with the   administration, we should be making plans to establish an infrastructure for  assessment.

                4.)  The committee agreed to table the discussion until a full study of parts      IV and      V can be made.

      VI. Remuneration for Outcome Chairs

                 1.)  The committee agreed that such a policy not only needs to be clarified (e.g.      does �remuneration� mean release time or monies?), but that it should also be on   the agenda for the next faculty organization meeting.

     VII. Allied Health

                 1.)  Pearson announced that she is still waiting to hear from the administration   about the future of AA degree programs.

                2.)  Bodmer said that he would write a letter to Bergland (with a copy to Herbert)    asking him what the administration intends to do.

     VIII. New Business

                1.)  Lindmark said that he will circulate documents concerning evaluation of the    �Centers�.

     IX. Meeting adjourned at 3:40 PM.

    Submitted by:  William Buckley


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