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Executive Committee Minutes

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  November 5th, 2004
1:00-3:00 pm.

Those in Attendance:  G. Bodmer, W. Buckley, D. Coffin, B. Dorin, C. Gallmeier, D. McDonald, J. Poulard, I. Hozo, C. Rusinek, A. Lindmark, J. Tolhuizen, F. Young


Agenda Items: 


1.         George Bodmer called the meeting to order at 1:06 pm and asked the committee for other agenda items that need attention.


            a)  Poulard announced the death of Feydor Cisak and said he would write a tribute to him for the records.

            b)  Coffin reminded the committee that it needed to ask campus committees to work on their assignments; Bodmer announced that the EC needed to elect next year�s Board of Review, and Lindmark suggested that we meet with Chancellor Bergland in January to discuss his �Mission Differentiation� draft.


Background Checks:


            2)  Hozo submitted to the EC his summary of IUN�s �Post-Tenure Review and Enhancement Policy for Faculty and Librarians� (2001).  The committee did not see a problem with its purpose or language.


Results of the Budget Committee Recommendation:


            3)  The EC received the report and expressed regret at not having more input about its contents.


�Mission Differentiation�


            4)  The EC considered Chancellor Bergland�s �submission draft�


                        a)  Tolhuizen brought attention to page 3 of the draft: 
�Faculty at IUN have a four-course teaching load and may be granted a one-course reduced load each semester for pursuit of research and creative activities.�  He pointed out that the Chancellor �may� or may not observe this policy.

                        b)  Coffin reminded the committee that the above language can be found in the Faculty Handbook. 

                        c)  Bodmer remarked that overall, this committee needs to discuss with Bergland whether it has any input at all in the composition of MD drafts or in his visiting IUN�s policies on teaching and research.

                        d)  Hozo asked if the committee could use the �Post-Tenure Review� document to questions Bergland�s review of research and teaching loads.

                        e)  Tolhuizen reminded the committee that Bergland is now using his interpretation of the document  to create a �two-tiered� faculty.

                        f)  Coffin responded that over the years we have used this document to evaluate our faculty, and no Dean has ever found any problems or conflicting interests in its use.  However, at the same time, the Chancellor can use the language of our FH to hire anyone under its stated policies of research and teaching.


Barr Resolutions:


            A.)  Adler suggested the committee simply bring his resolutions to the FO.

            B).  Coffin argued that only the first sentence of each resolution be used.

            C.)  The Committee voted to send Barr�s resolutions to the FO


Committee adjourned at 2:00 pm.


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