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  September 3rd, 2004


Attending: Bodmer (President),  Gallmeier (Vice President), Coffin, Poulard, Hozo, Hass Birky, Lindmark, Sandoval, Rusinek, Young, Dorin, Pearson, Vinodgopal, Ige.


I.                    The President called the meeting to order 1 p.m.


II.                 "Mission Differentiation"


A.     Concerns are expressed over


1.      Down-sizing, elimination of programs

2.      Course reduction for research at risk

3.      Relationships with Purdue Calumet, IVY Tech

B.     Coffin notes we are at a disadvantage because we  have no strategic planning committee

C.     A motion was made to bring to the Faculty organization meeting: "Before implementation, 'Mission Differentiation' plans and program changes shall be brought to the Faculty and approved by a majority of the Faculty Organization."  The Motion was moved by Coffin, seconded by Poulard.  Passed unanimously.

D.     Interim VCAA

1.  Representatives from Bloomington will come 7 October and hear a presentation from us.  Chancellor F. C. Richardson visited a week ago..     

2.      Several expressed concern that faculty have been left out of the process, and that a document has been prepared with little faculty input.

3.      Professors Coffin and Galmeier have been attending meetings with the Deans' Council.

4.      Coffin notes that "Mission Differentiation" will impede transferability of courses.

5.      VCAA states that most of the associates degree programs will be lost.  Programs in the third tier are up for discussion.

6.      Gallmeier states that we need more time to consider such change.

7.      VCAA Ige says the chancellor is committed to meeting the deadlines.  The document is merely a draft and can be torn up.


III.               Salary review


A.     With regard to salary review and raises, we need to be involved.

B.     VCAA Ige  Driven by the commissions, "high performers" is going to become a norm at many campuses.

C.     Vinodgopal:  These were not granted according to university standards.

D.     VCAA Ige:  Mary Ann Fischer and Anna Rominger are working on criteria.


IV.              Centers--The centers must be evaluated for revenue accountability.


V.                 The meeting was adjourned 3:06 p.m.


Submitted by George Bodmer

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